Dr. Dre – Distorted Vision Instrumental (Prod. by Demitrean) [Inspired by Focus] DETOX LEAK 2013

0 Dr. Dre   Distorted Vision Instrumental (Prod. by Demitrean) [Inspired by Focus] DETOX LEAK 2013Dr. Dre – Distorted Vision Instrumental (Prod. by Demitrean) [Inspired by Focus] DETOX LEAK 2013

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Demitrean Sanchez (born April 11, 1994), better known by the stage name Demitrean is a 18 year old Lyricist/Artist/Producer from Central Valley, Fresno, Ca. Demitrean started off his career signed to a Independent Record label known as Roko Inc. At the age of 17 In the year 2011, They released his first single Nation Wide, the record was Called “Give You My All (Feat. Charlie Jones)” that hit (Itunes, Emusic, Rhapsody, Amazon, Napster etc.)
As well as radio stations.

Demitrean was soon the talk of Dr. Dre’s Detox Album in 2012, which he became apart of a Official mixtape with leaked Detox material distributed by (Aftermath Records & Interscope Records)
The Detox Chroniclez vol. 6 Hosted by: DJ Age
Along with many former well known artists such as The Game, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Eminem just to name a few.

Demitrean Sanchez grew up like many up and coming artists in the heartland of Central Valley Fresno, Ca, from struggling agricultural families who all they had was nothing more than great values and work ethics to teach their kids.

•Twitter: http://twitter.com/demitrean
•Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/demitrean
•Instagram: @demitrean
•Tumblr: http://demitrean.tumblr.com/
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Instrumental Is Copy Written 2013/All Rights Reserved: Produced by. Demitrean

Duration : 0:3:7

14 Responses to “Dr. Dre – Distorted Vision Instrumental (Prod. by Demitrean) [Inspired by Focus] DETOX LEAK 2013”

  • demitreanonthebeat says:

    Anything is …
    Anything is possible :) god bless!

  • demitreanonthebeat says:

    thank you so much! …
    thank you so much! I am working on some dope smooth hip-hop record Instrumentals. Thank you for your comment very inspiring! God Bless :) 

  • demitreanonthebeat says:

    It’s my first Dr …
    It’s my first Dr Dre type beat :) the next will be better

  • ahuille3318 says:

    i dont sing or …
    i dont sing or rap but this beat makes me wanna do that lol

  • kebn1000 says:

    thats easy to made …
    thats easy to made. you can do better dude

  • Akash Kahlon says:

    More Hip Hop beats …
    More Hip Hop beats!!!This is outstanding!

  • demitreanonthebeat says:

    Thanks bro! :) god …
    Thanks bro! :) god bless

  • BHOBEAST says:

    damn i can see dre …
    i can see dre killing this beat. Good bro keep it up.

  • demitreanonthebeat says:

    Thanks bro, god …
    Thanks bro, god bless to you & your love ones. Your Very appreciated

  • Wayne Brady says:

    I could hear Dre …
    I could hear Dre rapping to this. So haters back off. Damn.

  • demitreanonthebeat says:

    It has similarities …
    It has similarities, I herd worst beats when i look up a dr dre type beat. Some don’t even sound like a dr dre beat more like a crazy hip-hop record with a piano melody that stays on a low key miner. It’s just my first west coast test of an instrumental.

  • Titeufblaugrana says:

    yeah but if you …
    yeah but if you claim that this is a beat which was intended to be on detox it should be dre-level or close to this

  • demitreanonthebeat says:

    I never added …
    I never added anywhere on this video saying Dr. Dre’s level. I was inspired by Focus to do this Instrumental, After watching him produce. It has the same elements he uses for his beats.

  • Titeufblaugrana says:

    by far no dre- …
    by far no dre-level in here

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