Herbs & Alternative Medicine : Natural Ways to Detox Your Body With Lemon Water

0 Herbs & Alternative Medicine : Natural Ways to Detox Your Body With Lemon WaterA natural way to detox your body with lemon juice is to do the Master Cleanse, which uses lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Drinking lemon juice mixed with warm water in the morning can also help cleanse the system. Use lemon as a means of detoxifying the body with instructions from a wellness educator and herbal medicine specialist in this free video on alternative medicine.

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  • MrThomasTurbo says:

    That first 9 …
    That first 9 seconds was totally unnecessary…

  • rolandsl2u says:

    I have been …
    I have been practicing lemon detox for the last 3.5 years. My lemon detox consists of drinking lemon juice and warm water in the morning. I still have my normal meals, meant to be hassle free and simple for a busy person like me. It worked for me,my health is great and my weight is ideal. don’t believe in extreme dieting like what the master cleanse program introduces, maple syrup may not be advisable for people with diabetic.


    Bud Light Lime with …
    Bud Light Lime with a Lemon-drop shot; get a healthy buzz!!

  • Blossom7877 says:

    My Daily Routine. …
    My Daily Routine. Basic lemon & water :)

  • LoveMe24HoursADay says:

    Lemon/honey/sage or …
    Lemon/honey/sage or thyme ….Maple syrup yuk…

  • IWillStrangleThatCC says:

    Yes, take all the …
    Yes, take all the lemon water you want! Sucker

  • getrealthen says:

    where is your long …
    where is your long beautiful hair….why do you have it so short……long beautiful healthy hair is the top healthy sign of an individual.

  • medicappharmacy says:

    Very informative …
    Very informative video!

  • paoalexescja says:

    @Tstarrrrz Only by …
    @Tstarrrrz Only by squeezing half of a lemon in a cup of water is enough and you can either have before going to be or as the first thing you do in the morning, or both. I’ve been doing this for many months now and trust me it is great. make sure you use organic lemons (I find the taste better) and filter water if you think the tap water at your place may have a funny taste (I use a brita pitcher)…ENJOY IT!!!..By the way, this cured my gastritis (which I suffered for many years before)

  • rosstituteuk says:

    @stunize its far …
    @stunize its far from nonsense. I suffer from the over production of stomach acid, been on medication for a few months, did nothing for me, started drinking lemon water daily, and i feel fantastic for it. the reason individuals attempt to diminish the fact that this really works are the same reasons your car doesnt operate on ethanol, the substance that you could grow/product for yourself at no cost. when the information is free and the goods are free, the margin for potential profiteering dies

  • Tstarrrrz says:

    ermm, how much …
    ermm, how much lemon do you put in a cup of water?

  • youareaWALRUS says:

    If on this diet …
    If on this diet would it be alright to eat spinach?

    I understand it’s a fasting detox, but could you eat a certain amount of greens?

  • sdelama says:

    this master cleanse …
    this master cleanse depletes your muscle mass

  • jrdaly83 says:

    @beth4017 You can …
    @beth4017 You can substitute anything you want, because it still won’t work.

  • stunize says:

    What a complete …
    What a complete load of nonsense! People need to realise all this “detox diet” stuff has got no scientific basing. It was made up by the ancient Egyptions, it didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. The real answer to a healthy body is drink less alcohol, stop smoking, eat a balanced diet and do a bit of exercise, you’ll gain more from that than any detox diet.

  • wtc7dotnet says:

    Hi! Thanks for the …
    Hi! Thanks for the recipe. Great yet simple idea.

    Could you go into some more details on how the acidic lemon alkalizes the body?

    Thx very much!

  • HowxNowxBrownxCow says:

    Aren’t these detox …
    Aren’t these detox diets supposed to give you horrendous diarrhea?

  • beth4017 says:

    Can you substitute …
    Can you substitute honey for maple syrup?

  • Luv4Learning says:

    I have started to …
    I have started to drink 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract in about an ounce or two of water each morning. This is also supposed to alkalize your body.

  • paraglideuk says:

    you must be on …
    you must be on another plane to us how the heck can you listen 2 the body? if i have an ache i take paracetamol or anything, if i have headache i also do the same, i wouldnt drink lemon

  • o1sweetpink says:

    ok that was boring …
    ok that was boring but good i liked it but i zoned out a couple of times

  • thenitro15 says:

    i love lemon water
    i love lemon water

  • ralphinio3 says:

    I’m drinking some …
    I’m drinking some now, it’s a citrus-lixir!

  • JoinTheNationofIslam says:

    I love lemon water
    I love lemon water

  • katmobile59 says:

    I drink warm lemon …
    I drink warm lemon water every morning. My mom told me that it thins your blood and I shouldn’t drink so much. I squeeze the juice of a whole lemon every morning into warm water and only do this once a day. Does that have too much citric acid for me? How much lemon is too much?

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