Juelz Santana: I’m Sure Dr. Dre is Scared to Drop Detox

0 Juelz Santana: Im Sure Dr. Dre is Scared to Drop Detoxhttp://www.vladtv.com/ – Juelz Santana shares his thoughts on the delay of Dr. Dre’s “Detox” album, revealing that he thinks Dre might be afraid that he can’t top his past highly successful albums and the fact that he’s competing with himself. Juelz also shares what it’s like to be in the studio with Dre and the level of work that he expects from artists.

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25 Responses to “Juelz Santana: I’m Sure Dr. Dre is Scared to Drop Detox”

  • BrokeandCopa says:

    What type of …
    What type of fuckery is this ?

  • MrLongduckdoong says:

    “Ahhh Whats Kush.. …
    “Ahhh Whats Kush..Is that a song…I have not even heard it”

  • Chrisgotkicks28 says:

    east has way better …
    east has way better rappers than the west outta here

  • ItsDaveMothafukka says:

    dudes a fuckin …
    dudes a fuckin tweaker lol

  • Mikey Pizzle says:

    God I hate east …
    God I hate east coast n*****.

  • micky ricky says:

    Fuck is wrong with …
    is wrong with this nigga men

  • toxicshots1 says:

    papoose of kourse …
    papoose of kourse lmao

  • BobsiArtistOfficial says:

    check out the …
    check out the studio video on my channel guys.

  • Blonkie NL says:

    focking detox noo …
    focking detox noo mather what kinda music its on it he is takin toooo long dre man dre not a rapper you want to listen to who care’s

  • Nina Phoenix says:

    i dont think enough …
    i dont think enough people understand this clip is the best! Also! peeps are using this to get the mp3 of this track => bit.ly\13CzBr8

  • harveygreeddent says:

    Dr.dre and …
    Dr.dre and timberland is the producer out

  • BestMusic2012 says:

    nah. he just lazy. …
    nah. he just lazy. lol.

    he forgot about Detox ever since Beats By dre.

  • Bloodsport1 says:

    because today …
    because today generation of rappers are wack. Snoop, Em, 50 are legendary, Even the Dogg Pound had a following.

  • jaybizmusic says:

    dre flows r alwayz …
    dre flows r alwayz sick blood

  • Prediction King says:

    I’m not hatin. Mad …
    I’m not hatin. Mad dre fan here. But I thing he afraid to flop in this era of music. I think I need a doctor got a whatever response. Ppl were basically like yeah it’s koo. But nothing like wowwww

  • BeatsOutDBricks says:

    dr. dre is a …
    dr. dre is a perfectionist,

  • SSTelevision says:

    Kendrick Lamar you …
    Kendrick Lamar you could say could be that artist but he’s no where near as big as Snoop, Em or 50 was. Plus he doesn’t have that universal appeal. Some hip-hop fans love him, some say he’s ok but overrated, and some just say he’s wack. Kendrick can’t do for Dre what Em did on Forgot About Dre, or Snoop did on Nuthin’ But A G Thing.

  • SSTelevision says:

    Juelz said one …
    Juelz said one thing I never thought about before. Dre had Snoop as his main “supporting artist” on the first Chronic, then Eminem on the second (Snoop was on this too though). He can bring Snoop and Em back for Detox which I’m sure he already has done but he doesn’t have a supporting artist of this generation to help create the same buzz. It could’ve been 50 cent if he dropped it years back when we first started hearing about it, that would’ve been crazy but 50′s music buzz died down.

  • James8107 says:

    Dre’s gonna wait …
    Dre’s gonna wait till he passes away and let his estate put it out…lmao! So if it flops it won’t be his fault…hahaha!~

  • BestMusic2012 says:

    detox dropping is as close as inventing a cure for cancer.

    Dre knows if he drops the record, he will sell like 100,000 and he will be embarrased.

  • koreyp360 says:

    dr dre is the …
    dr dre is the richest rapper now… dre beats made him BILLIONS… every song on detox has leaked threw the internet so it would be a waste of money to put it out…



  • JulietsJunkie says:

    man srsly who cares …
    man srsly who cares about snoop dogg anymore?

  • JulietsJunkie says:

    lmao you shouldnt …
    lmao you shouldnt comment EVER …thank god for rappers like Lamer , Schoolboy , asap , mgk , yela , pac div there actully talented unlike bs like cheif keef , kirko , young money squad

  • Grim Fury says:

    If he felt like he …
    If he felt like he had something to prove, that album would have been out a long time ago. He isn’t trying to prove anything to anyone.

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