WATCH ME SHRIINK #1 Weight Loss Day 1-6 Low Fat Raw Vegan Detox

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Body Shots Jan 13 to Jan 19- Low Fat Raw Vegan Detox: Phase 1

Welcome to my Youtube Channel!
Hello my name is Twyla aka Xenarae aka Twilight… I’m 26, 5’3 1/2 tall. I’m a Starseed, I channel source. In 3D I’m an artist, fashion and jewelry designer. To see my work visit:

I will be sharing my raw food lifestyle journey with you to inspire many into great health and enlightenment. Please follow my blog at:

Types of videos I will be posting:

-Raw Vegan Food Recipes

-Detox/ Fasting- My Raw Vegan Transition

-Spiritual benefits of becoming a raw vegan

-Spiritual benefits of fasting

-Health, Fitness & Beauty


-Art, Fashion & Jewelry


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6 Responses to “WATCH ME SHRIINK #1 Weight Loss Day 1-6 Low Fat Raw Vegan Detox”

  • yuni arpina says:

    Hiya, have you …
    Hiya, have you seen Atomic Fat Loss? (Google it) You will discover the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Atomic Fat Loss, you will discover how to get rid of fat fast.

  • gyrate4 says:

    Great! Look at …
    Great! Look at that tummy!

  • BatiYah Yisrael says:

    Raise your …
    Raise your vibration, lady! I’m raising mine, too. (Be The Creator’s Will) I will do this FOREVER! :) Raw/Living foods and water fasting, awesome stuff! Eating living plant foods LITERALLY takes you to a NEW level in life! I started again around the 16th of Jan. 2013. Live Life, Love Life and let the Universe LOVE YOU. Love you ALL. :) Sunshine

  • ieatrainbowsnow says:

    This is not a diet …
    This is not a diet plan. This is a mental, physical and spiritual transformation. A lifestyle change. This is not really about food and weight loss, I only make these videos to bring attention to myself, so that I can get the real message out. I am a Starseed and have a mission here… I also think it’s interesting to watch how my body changes throughout the process and becomes thinner in a healthy way.

  • ieatrainbowsnow says:

    Check your inbox.
    Check your inbox.

  • Nafia7 says:

    Hello, I tried …
    Hello, I tried messaging you but I’m not added as a contact. I know I’m a little late but I would like to join you. I have to cleanse my body and raise my vibration. I also stay away from meat… I’m working my way towards eating raw / organic :-)

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