Weight Loss Rant: Detoxing

0 Weight Loss Rant: DetoxingJust a rant!

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  • Ciara H. says:

    I think what …
    I think what happened was when I changed my job in MFP it gave me more calories and even when I eat right I eat a lot more. I went from 1640 to 1990. I changed my calories back and I’m no longer going to eat my exercise calories. That should help. Also, going because to my cheat day where I eat within my calorie goal and exercise calories. @jferrill @gullahgyal @diane bingeman @bncooltina

  • jferrill1 says:

    Girl way off topic …
    Girl way off topic but your face is beat baby I love it. Now back on topic have u cut out or down on salt, it makes me retain water. Also if you don’t already cut out processed food start. Eat everything fresh or frozen. And make sure to drink half your body weight in water. I hope this helps you.

  • Phillyjourneyto130 says:

    Can u subscribe to …
    Can u subscribe to my page please…….

  • GullahGyal says:

    weight loss and …
    weight loss and boost your metabolism. When I first started juicing, I did it as a challenge. At first I was only going to do it for 5 days, but 5 turned into 7, then 10, and then I just liked juicing so much I went out and but the Nutribullet. Now it’s something that I enjoy doing everyday. Good luck to you in your fitness goals. I’m going to look up your DietBet challenge

  • GullahGyal says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t …
    Maybe you shouldn’t have designated “cheat days”. As someone else mentioned it sounds like you’ve hit a plateau. When that happens you’ll have to kick everything up a notch. It’s frustrating. I feel like thats where I am right now too. Good luck with juicing. I’ve been jucing for almost two months now and I love it. I bought a Nutribullet, so I basically “drink” fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. The smoothies are delicious and good for you. There are many foods that can help you with

  • Diane Bingeman says:

    Move over to Lose …
    Move over to Lose It……they have many challenges that can help you stay focused. Like, I am in a challenge to eat more veggies every day. Every 30 calories of veggies is counted as one point, they allow 5 points a day. That challenge has really helped me add more vegetables to my diet. They also have exercise challenges and weight loss challenges. All that really helps stay focused.

  • bncooltina says:

    your hitting a …
    your hitting a plateau its happen to me the only thing that helped me sounds crazy but true I went to 1500 calls a day and dance half our everyday except for Sun. That finally helped me hope this helps

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