2013 Grammys: Drug Addict Taylor Swift (Feb11’13)

0 2013 Grammys: Drug Addict Taylor Swift (Feb1113)This week on TGC we’re talking about the 55th annual Grammys, and I’m giving you my opinion of Taylor Swift’s performance.

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25 Responses to “2013 Grammys: Drug Addict Taylor Swift (Feb11’13)”

  • Tony Pollard says:

    by the tittle i …
    by the tittle i thought u liked taylor swift

  • Davidoutt says:

    With other people …
    With other people >.>

  • 95guate says:

    I started smiling …
    I started smiling when he said that he and Mikey watched it together. ;)

  • Liam Green says:

    Puh-lease. Taylor …
    Puh-lease. Taylor Swift was not singing well; nor does she ever, live. And the shade she was throwing at Harry was so unprofessional and rude. I’m so done with her. bye.

  • TheThunderDragoon says:

    Completely agree …
    Completely agree about Taylor Swift.

  • Betty Fermin says:

    40 years or …
    40 years or something haha

  • Ginny0595 says:

    Everything Taylor …
    Everything Taylor Swift does makes me uncomfortable.

  • bmelin says:

    they do not reward …
    they do not reward good people like Justin Bieber which is not a good thing – it is a bigoted reaction of people not realizing who touches the hearts of the masses which is what music should do

  • CatotheCensor1 says:

    My taste in music …
    My taste in music is somewhat eclectic. I like EVERYTHING, from the Gregorian Chant down to the break up of the Beatles. After that, I don’t really care for most performers, although I DO like “Weird” Al Yankovic. As for Miss Swift, I have never knowingly listened to her, nor do I care to.

  • WillBeForeverYoung21 says:

    I agree with how …
    I agree with how the GRAMMYs nominates talented and not so mainstream artists, they deserve to win, they’re just as good or even better.

  • SuperDannyrulez says:

    Ahhh my husband …
    Ahhh my husband Justin bieber!

  • ericmashbuttons says:

    I think Taylor …
    I think Taylor Swift should just drop off the face of the Earth. Did you notice she sneaked in a jab at Harry Styles? The manner in which she continues to just use her fame to smear her ex-boyfriends shows how petty and immature she truly is, and it’s no surprise why most of her fans are snotty, twatty 15-year olds that think she’s so cool for doing that…OK sorry, I’m stopping now.

    Love you David!

  • 9Mars3 says:

    Taylor swift …
    Taylor swift totally gave shade on Harry Styles and her outfit was a no-no, Britney was a better ringleader. The Grammys were really boring to me, I guess I was not really satisfied with the nominees. I guess I am just pressed cause my fav were not nominated like Madonna.

  • LifeOfAGay says:

    <3 mumford and sons
    <3 mumford and sons

  • TheRealDeal4me2 says:

    The witch punked on …
    The witch punked on Harry Styles!!! Why is it she can’t seem to keep a man? It must be her!!!

  • Dzitnik8 says:

    I feel as though Ke …
    I feel as though Ke$ha deserves a Grammy. I mean listen to her meaningful lyrics like “Di-No-Sa-Ur a dinosaur” I didn’t know how to spell dinosaur before that song. Thank you Ke$ha.

  • Dzitnik8 says:

    Sorry, but when I …
    Sorry, but when I saw that Ed Sheeran didn’t win, my tv almost flew out the window…

  • citylover94 says:

    I enjoy her music …
    I enjoy her music occasionally but her songs do sound very similar.

  • Davidoutt says:


  • Davidoutt says:


  • Davidoutt says:

    I feel like Ke$ha …
    I feel like Ke$ha does not need a grammy LOL

  • Andrew Lim says:

    Taylor has had 16 …
    Taylor has had 16 boyfriends in like the last two years. She needs to just stop

  • adamblogsyou says:

    I feel like Ke$ha …
    I feel like Ke$ha needs a grammy

  • HeyKyle96 says:

    The Ke$ha shade… …
    The Ke$ha shade… I can’t… C’mon. Don’t even try to deny

  • EmperorWhiteRabbit says:

    I have to admit …
    I have to admit that I like a few of her songs, but it bothers me how she says she wants to find the perfect boyfriend, yet she is messing around with all these guys. And I feel as if she just dates them to see if she can squeeze a song out of the pseudo love they say to have. Overall, she is a pretty young lady and has more talent than other singers out there.

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