Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Anorexia – The Diseases of Opulence and Priviledge

0 Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Anorexia   The Diseases of Opulence and PriviledgeVlog 03/06/2011

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20 Responses to “Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Anorexia – The Diseases of Opulence and Priviledge”

  • pjamesbda says:

    I found it as a …
    I found it as a striking paralell as you walk past the field of corn you would cover this subject, because central to the “opulance” you refer to, is the ability to produce massive food stores with relative ease because of the mechanics and technology.

    I have a garden this year -second year. Only 12×16, but it is obvious that it is great for most of the produce we need, and hard work. But we eat healthier and never worry about getting fat. So in reality our health suffers for – not suffering.

  • Cytacon says:

    @slaxxxer It would …
    @slaxxxer It would be nice to think that humanity could go on and learn from its mistakes. Maybe acknowledge that it allowed total evil to rule and vow to never let that happen again.. Stupidity and greed is the baseline that humanity seems to operate at, the evil percentage (and yes, I believe total evil exists) use that stupidity and greed to furnish their plan. I think that has always been the case. ingratiate. manipulate, subigate.

  • slaxxxer says:

    @Cytacon Same here …
    @Cytacon Same here – only delusional’s and madmen cant admit the world is – well humanity is fucked!

  • Cytacon says:

    I have always been …
    I have always been a little cynical. A lot cynical actually. Just waiting around for “the end of the world” at this stage. I think humanity passed the point of no return a long time ago.

  • matywaldy says:

    ive done the …
    ive done the passport thing.

  • hotsonny505 says:

    I love wellies lol
    I love wellies lol

  • GrumpSkull says:

    I once conversed …
    I once conversed with a young chef that had alternative parents. He said that McDonalds should be made to sell healthy food. I said but how do you do that without a loss of freedom. It has to be done via education as people need to make their own choice. If I go to a cafe and ask for a big plate of chips and they said no the gov wants you to eat a carrot I would say ‘piss off I’ll tell the gov where to stick the carrot, I want chips!’. He couldn’t understand my point in the us and them equation.

  • GrumpSkull says:

    We are products of …
    We are products of our times. Commercial advertising is more effective than education. We have choice and freedom and it is exercised at the retail mall, If it is not what we want to accept, we go to another vendor. Truth works the same by appointing our own authorities. It is not the state’s problem to fix, but our own realisation. If there are mums and kids starving in the street it makes us as a culture uncivil but for the self inflicted outside of what is considered ‘normal’ it is shirked.

  • EvilBproductions says:

    Congrats on the …
    Congrats on the partnership! Good drugs are bad and bad drugs are good! lol

  • Barneynaga says:

    What I see is that …
    What I see is that humanity is being led further away from what is natural, and instead is being led down a path where they become more and more dependant upon big industries. Like you mentioned in your last video about the abundance of medicine and food that is available to us in nature, yet people choose to put their trust in an industry rather than the true genius, nature. Nature is the answer to it all. Big industry is not. All they want is more and more control over the populous.

  • Barneynaga says:

    I think it boils …
    I think it boils down to the fact that people are just slaves to big industries. One industry that amuses me and interests me the most is the fashion industry. Look at that one in depth and you soon get an idea of the bigger picture of how humanity is controlled. Then apply that to other industries, like tobacco and alcohol, and you have answered your own question. I think the pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest in illegal drugs. It’s just sickening when you look at it.

  • slaxxxer says:

    @FieldsofGreen09 …
    @FieldsofGreen09 Will have a walk and a rant about it soon!

  • FieldsofGreen09 says:

    i would like to …
    i would like to hear your views on drugs and drugs laws and certain types of drugs… the socially acceptable 1′s prozac etc

    you know what i mean ;)

    rant on

  • SCL0PS says:

    Farmers take care …
    Farmers take care of the land. It’s the new breed that scares me, The mega farms all under glass and called sustainable farming.

  • izzysmart says:

    @slaxxxer agreed …
    @slaxxxer agreed mate

  • izzysmart says:

    @slaxxxer love …
    @slaxxxer love metallica, nice mate

  • slaxxxer says:

    @izzysmart Some …
    @izzysmart Some choices that people make can be summed up by a metallica lyric “your lifestyle determines your determines your death style” – it just amazes me that certain self harm illnesses are ok and others are societal no no’s!

  • izzysmart says:

    All the in …
    All the in junk food, that people eat kills more. I hear u here

  • slaxxxer says:

    @izzysmart Awesome, …
    @izzysmart Awesome, been a cracking day hasn’t it!

  • izzysmart says:

    i take vit d in …
    i take vit d in winter. I like all seasons. just got back from allotment

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