America’s Deadly Pill Problem

0 Americas Deadly Pill Problem1 in 7 deaths in Florida linked to prescription drugs

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8 Responses to “America’s Deadly Pill Problem”

  • lowgeemudbone says:

    say you hurt your …
    say you hurt your back at work .they give you percs and they work for a couple thing you know they dont work as good as before ,so you up the dosage.2 becomes 4,then 4 becomes 8 and so on .but guess what now your you go to the doctor and he says “try methadone it will hel your cravings for percs”.but guess what .they work for a few days then…2 becomes 4 ,4 becomes 8 and so on…………….its a never ending vicious circle !!

  • 400constantine says:

    If you still …
    If you still believe that the government is trying to help you…
    Seriously people, please stop saying stupid things like “its the Democrats!” or “its the Republicans!” or “The government is stupid!”
    No, sorry. They are not stupid, it is not your neighbors fault for voting wrong, and the other party is not going to fix anything.
    Democrat/Republican Different cheeks but the same ass
    Forget about it. Go home, Find God Love, God Love your families, because the world is a lie

  • GrayEagle48 says:

    If these pills were …
    If these pills were good for you Florida would throwing this crap in the garbage

  • tommycobbler says:

    this is stupid 1 …
    this is stupid 1 you cant save everyone 2 some people dont need saving 3 if the addicts are the problem then why do you care if they die one less problem 4 if its already illegal more laws wont stop it, if the old laws aint stopping it. just because you are elected doesn’t mean you need to make up new laws that say the same thing old laws already say. what you going to do charge them with 4 crimes instead of 2 they already didn’t care about the 2 politicians are so stupid

  • gdnmuzik274 says:

    stop pills an …
    stop pills an legalize marijuana

  • canc3r1973 says:

    Ya! Lets put more …
    Ya! Lets put more people in jail this time for taking medicine thier doctors tell them to! Great Idea, soon we’ll all be in jail! :/

  • TitParty says:

    @400constantine GOD …
    @400constantine GOD IS A SUCH A DOUCHEBAG TO CREATE A WORLD WHICH IS A LIE. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS IS WAY COOLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GrayEagle48 says:

    Pharmakia of …
    Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23

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