0 BABYS ON DRUGS......BLUE  SKYIn This Video Directed By Raymond C. Lynch Who Also Created the Track, Poet BLUE SKY Speaks On The Dilema Of A Young Mother And The Pain Of Her Young Child Due To Her Own Addiction To Drugs

Duration : 0:5:15

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  • MyShInYsNiPeR says:

    Its fake relax
    Its fake relax

  • Stephanie Martinez says:

    fucken big …
    fucken big bitch!!!!!!!!! OMFG THIS GOT ME SOO PISSED! poor baby! i feel soo bad for tht baby! GOD DNT HAVE A BABY IF U DNT KNO HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ONE OR DNT WANT TO! give it up for adoption atleast!

  • LadyCypher54 says:



  • octogirlpretty says:


  • heatherhall24 says:



  • sofakingdrunk66 says:

    Agree Funkdogg Life …
    Agree Funkdogg Life is just a series of choice’s tho…Addiction just seems to be a main one tho…

  • eDrifter1 says:

    sometimes other …
    sometimes other people…

  • eDrifter1 says:

    no but the drugs …
    no but the drugs will bring them to a place where they will place a gun to the head.

  • Funkdogg says:

    using drugs is a …
    using drugs is a choice… i don’t know anybody that started doing drugs with a gun on their head

  • woodchucko says:

    this guy’s fucking …
    this guy’s fucking kick ass, good artist

  • eDrifter1 says:

    everyone across …
    everyone across america should take a baseball bat in their city and just take a crack dealer on some corner and beat the out of that nasty scum.
    i mean crack his head open, “brans on da ground, brains on da ground, lookin like a FOOL with ya brains on the ground”

  • joshnme says:

    Yo. The truth hurts …
    Yo. The truth hurts. And you really know how to tell the truth.

  • ventilize says:

    is that Samuel L. …
    is that Samuel L. Jackson..i’ll e a son of a bitch…

  • xapustinx says:

    jaja drugs are good
    jaja drugs are good

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