Battling prescription drug abuse

0 Battling prescription drug abuseHLN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky and guests talk about the fight against prescription drug addiction.

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5 Responses to “Battling prescription drug abuse”

  • grizzzlyjoe says:

    @grizzzlyjoe That’s …
    @grizzzlyjoe That’s PERSONAL BEHAVIOR which only affects the individual.

  • grizzzlyjoe says:

    Let’s be real.

    Let’s be real.
    This is the 21st. Century
    … whether it’s alcohol, heroin, huffing spray paint, airplane glue, nitrous oxide, mushrooms OR prescription drugs, you CAN’T REGULATE BEHAVIOR in a free society.
    Prohibition never works.
    It just drives it underground, makes it profitable for criminals, drives the prices up, causes crime …. & next year a whole different thing will be abused if you take this or that away.
    You can’t teach a pig to sing. It can’t be done, and it off the pig!

  • stonevrscx says:

    drug dealers dont …
    drug dealers dont ID. Legalize weed

  • xTRAPJAWx says:

    Oh ok, we’re going …
    Oh ok, we’re going to drum up this again. I guess we’ll have to pass more regulations…because those ALWAYS work. Next, we’ll take on transfat and salt. I mean there aren’t any other pressing matters in this country.

  • grizzzlyjoe says:

    BTW: What self- …
    BTW: What self-risking behavior do you wish to regulate next: There are 4 – 5,000 Motorcycle Deaths each year, and 10 times that amount of injuries. A lot of skiers get killed and injured.
    Wait, Wait … I know … how about ALCOHOL … it’s LEGAL, it’s EASILY AVAILABLE, it’s profitable for the Government, yet it kills and injures more than 500,000 people per year.
    Where’s THAT DEBATE.
    We’ll talk again after our two-Martini lunch … hypocrites!!!

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