Call of Duty Black Ops: Recovering Drug Addict Now Clean Making Videos (BO Gameplay/Commentary)

0 Call of Duty Black Ops: Recovering Drug Addict Now Clean Making Videos (BO Gameplay/Commentary)
Click here to watch Call of Duty: Black Ops: 16-2 S&D- How Much Advantage Does Host Give You? (BO Gameplay/Commentary)

Call of Duty Black Ops: Recovering Drug Addict Now Clean Making Videos (BO Gameplay/Commentary)

He has been clean for over 2-3 years now, show him some support!



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This Respawn Video will show you:
How to play Call of Duty: Black Ops
How to get to commentate
How to get to quit an addiction
How to get to succedd
How to get to stop using drugs

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25 Responses to “Call of Duty Black Ops: Recovering Drug Addict Now Clean Making Videos (BO Gameplay/Commentary)”

  • UserName0043 says:

    @xBlackopsLegend so …
    @xBlackopsLegend so just because he is the top rated comment means he knows something? Stop being so ignorant and just do some research. Cigs and weed dont have the same effect. Deaths caused by tobacco 435,000. Deaths caused by marijuana 0

  • XxQUIKSKOPExX says:

    @geekmofo Calm your …
    @geekmofo Calm your tits bro. Weed is a gateway drug because it lets you experiment by your own free will, as if since someone has tried marijuana, maybe they could try some other drug. Gate way drugs do not force you into taking other drugs. As for deaths related to weed, that was irrelevant to what i said, but every one knows that no deaths have been recorded from smoking weed.

  • phxsunsfanST says:

    Congrats Dude. I’ma …
    Congrats Dude. I’ma go subscribe.

  • killosopher says:

    Thumbs up from a …
    Thumbs up from a fellow recovering addict

  • xBlackopsLegend says:

    @UserName0043 …
    @UserName0043 llololololol stfu look at the top rated comment dumbass

  • YouBuzzinOrWhat says:

    you get addicted …
    you get addicted because the comedown is so horrible that you need more to get rid of it

  • subkulture420 says:

    if he spent over $ …
    if he spent over $250,000 in 2 years he was definitely doing more than WEED!

  • subkulture420 says:

    @deadluiga um no it …
    @deadluiga um no it doesnt have the same effect as cigs, weed doesnt have 3000+ plus chemicals that are harmful and carcinogens, no tar no nicotine. No one has ever died from a weed overdose, and its proven that marijuana can be used for many medical purposes! in no way is it just as bad as cigarettes

  • countchunkula says:

    The guy is trying …
    The guy is trying to be drug free, quit saying just smoke weed. Retards, if you know anyone with a drug problem the last thing one should do is pressure them to do other drugs. I hate my generation, full of potheads with no clue.

  • sebob123 says:

    Well done buddy. :)
    Well done buddy. :)

  • TheMultiBucket says:

    Coming back from …
    Coming back from the FIRING RANGE I passed a town and this chick told me it was a NUKETOWN she suffered from RADIATION and contracted WMD? I went back to her VILLA the power was out, it was something to do with the GRID it was a CRISIS. We went to her room, she told me her name was HANOI then got undressed. I was in ARRAY of how much like a JUNGLE it was down there. After a few hours my pelvis CRACKED when I tried to LAUNCH my stuff and she reached her SUMMIT and screamed HAVANA

  • xAGxGamingHD says:

    if anyone has black …
    if anyone has black ops on ps3 and wants someone new to play with, send me a message with you’re psn, I will be filming the games ;)

  • discombobulated87 says:

    @sm5pac3 Just …
    @sm5pac3 Just because it is a plant doesn’t mean it isn’t a drug. Heroin is created from Poppy Seeds, Cocaine is made from Coca Leaves. Even Beer contains Hops and Barley. And just because it is natural doesn’t mean it is not a drug either. Plus you can get addicted to anything if you do it long enough, though i agree an addiction to weed is different. He must be talking about harder drugs, I mean i don’t know the prices of weed in America, but if it’s like over hear that’s a ridiculous amount

  • ByARandomRPG says:

    Weed is not too bad …
    Weed is not too bad if you smoke not too much. Not worse than drinking or cigs. But smoking too much is actually worse than smoking too much cigs.

  • Gloxxy says:

    @Sm0k3NMirr0rs So …
    @Sm0k3NMirr0rs So you want to get on Machinima then?

    Its; “I couldn’t give two about getting on Machinima you tard.”. If you could give two then you are bothered about getting on Machinima.


    Good for you bro! …
    Good for you bro! It takes a big man to admit their issues in front of the world. It take a bigger man to step up and take control of their life after hitting rock bottom. Keep up the good work and game on my friend! We support you!

  • inconsistanttruth says:

    @funhafun your an …
    @funhafun your an idiot, it’s only medicinal value is as a pain killer, look at what is actually in it, get out of the greenie handbook and look at a creditable study.

  • inconsistanttruth says:

    @deadluiga it’s not …
    @deadluiga it’s not harmless at all, people really need to look stuff up and stop listening to the dealer down the street

  • funhafun says:

    @deadluiga it may …
    @deadluiga it may have chemicals init but so’s everything that does not mean its bad for ya.look at the facts no one dies from weed loads dies from it is allso a proven medicine and to all the people that say it gives you mentle health it only when there is somethin wrongh with them so weed is 99% harmless

  • Noobulur says:

    @deadluiga if your …
    @deadluiga if your talking in terms of ways of getting cancer, you can even get cancer from eating a steak that was cooked on the grill. Weed grows from the ground, and if i grow it myself, then I am pretty sure there are not any really harmful chemicals in it. Although I do not believe it is one of the healthier things I do in my free time, Weed is probably not going to kill me.

  • ScarsOfTheCrucifix says:


    LOL …

    LOL what a predictable answer, saying what you did only proves my point that you dont have the capacity to understand, which is now a fact. Why would it make me feel better if he does drugs or not? doesnt affect me in the slightest, I was just saying what is true. You mate

  • DJHYRIZE says:

    Un-Subscribed… 6- …
    Un-Subscribed… 6-7 months u do videos and you carnt think to put ya mic volume down @ cod… 100%bc2

  • DJHYRIZE says:

    Un-Subscribed… 6- …
    Un-Subscribed… 6-7 months u do videos and you carnt think to put ya mic volume down @ cod… 100%bc2

  • mangosandfruit says:

    brave guy to talk …
    brave guy to talk about this man, well done

  • xDuTyy says:

    @deadluiga …
    @deadluiga chemicals???? its a plant u retard.

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