Drug Mafia in Punjab, India: 10% girl 33% boy students addicted – MUST Watch Documentary

0 Drug Mafia in Punjab, India: 10% girl 33% boy students addicted   MUST Watch DocumentaryStarring: Tehelka Editor and Rahul Bose

Every third male and every tenth female student has taken drugs on one pretext or the other and seven out of 10 college-going students abuse one or the other drug, High Court told.

These disturbing details were submitted by Harjit Singh, Secretary, Department of Social Security and Women & Child Development, Chandigarh, in reply to a petition filed by some to drug rehabilitation centres before the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

The secretary, on behalf of the Punjab Government, submitted that “the vibrancy of Punjab is virtually a myth…. many sell their blood to procure their daily doze of deadly drugs, even beg on the streets for money to continue their addiction… The entire Punjab is in the grip of drug hurricane which weakens the morale, physique and character of the youth. We are in the danger of losing the young generation. The vibrant Punjab that had ushered in the green revolution is today living in a dazed stupor as 67 per cent of its rural household has at least one drug addict.”

More than 70% of Punjab’s youth is addicted to drugs.

Glut means to flood (a market) with an excess of goods so that supply exceeds demand.

A multi million dollar drug nexus operating under the noses of the Border Security Force, The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, The Narcotics Control Bureau and the Intelligence Bureau, leaving them as mere bystanders.


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    @Straylight100 This …
    @Straylight100 This means damage would be much more, due to duplicate material involved in manufacturing of such material.

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    Indian addicts …
    Indian addicts cannot afford Afghan heroin, which is smuggled across the Pakistan border in transit for export to Europe & USA. The majority of “brown sugar” being consumed in India is very low grade heroin produced in country using opium diverted from legal production.

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