Mr G’s New Musical

0 Mr Gs New MusicalMr G’s New Musical

Duration : 0:1:47

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25 Responses to “Mr G’s New Musical”

  • ironiclettuce says:

    This reminds me of …
    This reminds me of Lick My Love Pump by Spinal Tap in that, while it’s not serious, it’s a genuinely brilliant piece of music.

  • twn42992 says:

    omfg, this is too …
    omfg, this is too much

  • whiteboyrapping says:

    is annabel dixon a …
    is annabel dixon a real person? a character from summer heights? who is she?

  • ThatsRadicool says:

    @atrain185 its a …
    @atrain185 its a fake doco aussie comedy called summer heights high, funniest tv show eva

  • atrain185 says:

    Ok i may sound …
    Ok i may sound stupid but is this a real documentary of a real school or just like a show?

  • jennetterocks123 says:

    lol i know someone …
    lol i know someone called Anabel Dixon!

  • sarahLeanwill says:

    this is horrible …
    this is horrible and freaking hysterical.
    she’s a and she knows it.

  • hali28target says:

    6 actual “anable …
    6 actual “anable dixon’s” dislked this.

  • Soccerdance148 says:

    xticy…exticy haha
    xticy…exticy haha

  • north8mandy says:

    why arnt these kids …
    why arnt these kids cracking up?

  • cyorkupinit says:

    Bummer Heights High
    Bummer Heights High

  • FlorenceAliceBooton says:

    She’s a party girl …
    She’s a party girl with a, bad habit, a bad habit for drugs!!!

  • metcherman says:

    they need to record …
    they need to record this as a real musical.

  • peaceoutlolly says:

    i love how …
    i love how hilariously creepy he is!

  • kristiakacutie says:


  • funis2sk8 says:

    puck you!
    puck you!

  • lexikins32 says:

    she takes drugs???? …
    she takes drugs????…

  • 123SuperFred says:

    @metcherman SO …
    @metcherman SO DEFFS <3

  • ADazzledDazzle says:

    if he was a real …
    if he was a real teacher , i’d so want him as one ! D:

  • bobalar007 says:

    What episonde is …
    What episonde is this?

  • bobalar007 says:

    What episode is …
    What episode is this?

  • Witchdance69 says:

    Didn’t a chick die …
    Didn’t a chick die IRL just before this episode was aired… and looked fairly similar to annabelle?

  • turbopunz1 says:

    i have this on my …
    i have this on my ipod <3

  • PleaseSupportMiley says:

    Ecstasy, ecstasy, e …
    Ecstasy, ecstasy, e e e e ecstasy

  • MrGuitartutorials says:

    @Witchdance69 yeh, …
    @Witchdance69 yeh, the girl was actually called annabelle and everything. but production began for the ep about 11 days before her death, so it was purely coincidental

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