My Mom Is A Drug Addict (Part 1)

0 My Mom Is A Drug Addict (Part 1)classic Steve episode

Duration : 0:24:10

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  • XerxesTriple6 says:

    Damn that’s really …
    that’s really sad to hear! I used to watch it a couple years ago but now I don’t watch TV. And if I want to watch something, I can usually find it online. Sucks to hear that about the show though. Luckily, people upload full episodes to youtube.

  • Anthony2523 says:

    whats unfortunate …
    whats unfortunate is the that this is an old episode.  the show has complelty changed and steves show today has alot of typical who cheated on who stories.

  • Chris Finley says:

    She looks like shes …
    She looks like shes possibly had a stroke too, which couldve been caused by the drugs.

  • Chris Finley says:

    That mom looks …
    That mom looks like shes in the middle of a tweak out during the show.

  • James Edwards says:

    So is yours. …
    So is yours. Thanks.

  • Sarah Michel says:

    She blinks with one …
    She blinks with one eye.

  • MyShall Parker says:

    You’re sweet, …
    You’re sweet, thanks. I’m sorry about you’re dad. It looks like you turned out to be a pretty nice guy, you’re dad’s missing out.

  • James Edwards says:

    Never take that …
    Never take that step-dad for granted and never forget how your birth-father treats you. You have better, cut him off until he earns being in your life again. You deserve so much better. I’m sorry. My father…I’ll just say at least yours tries to call.

  • deannaabosley says:

    how sad. i heard …
    how sad. i heard similar stories. this is one of the saddest stories though. i wish i could help people like this. i want to help people find wholeness and healing. i wish all the best for those girls and their mother. God Bless them.

  • YamiSphinx says:

    Lol, “get her …
    Lol, “get her Steve!”

  • yz85go says:

    That’s sad!
    That’s sad!

  • kelseymullenix says:

    @MyShall Parker aww …
    @MyShall Parker aww, i sorry :( my dad does the same thing. Its sad.

  • MyShall Parker says:

    My dad only calls …
    My dad only calls me once a year on my birthday (If he remembers)…and only sees me when we run into each other in public(Which is like, once every 3 years)..Luckily, I have an awesome step-dad to make up for my biological “father”…

  • yz85go says:

    WTF,She is trying …
    WTF,She is trying to gas her daughter :( !

  • yz85go says:

    This girl shouldn’t …
    This girl shouldn’t feel 2 bad cuz my dad is not involved in my life he only visits me like 3 times a month and stays over 4 like 5 minutes. He only calls me once a month.

  • yz85go says:

    Steve wilkos is …
    Steve wilkos is suck a sweet heart but sometimes a love it!

  • Barbara moore says:

    She is a stupid B …
    She is a stupid B and she have pretty girl

  • aypreel says:

    Clearly there were …
    Clearly there were some clowns let in on the right hollering at everything. So annoying, Steve should have thrown some chairs at them.

  • Maroon2439 says:

    Good luk
    Good luk

  • YellekSirimolak says:

    Smdh is the most …
    Smdh is the most retarded text message in the lexicon of the world.

  • vagilpsilocybe says:

    no, problem not …
    no, problem not solved! kids still want to have their parents no matter what they do!

  • emzeeJayne says:

    The audience drives …
    The audience drives me crazy… Stop clapping at everything!!! Steve: ‘I feel nauseated.’ Audience: ‘Yay for puke!’

  • sandstorm66 says:

    At 16:15 this …
    At 16:15 this left eye keeps twitching. Too much drugs, she’s a monster.

  • zest1513 says:

    Usually I can …
    Usually I can ignore it, but wow, the audience is so ANNOYING in this episode! >.<

  • yungbuck82 says:

    your an idiot thats …
    your an idiot thats the smartest move because it reduces her chances of getting into drugs smdh @ you

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