My Mom Is A Drug Addict (Part 2)

0 My Mom Is A Drug Addict (Part 2)classic Steve episode

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  • Chris Finley says:

    That man deserves …
    That man deserves a reward.

  • Ethan Sawyer says:

    these people don’t …
    these people don’t understand addiction at all

  • sammy11232003 says:

    people who do drugs …
    people who do drugs are a waste of space!

  • robert snyder says:

    crack whore
    crack whore

  • iiWilson1 says:

    Their dad r made …
    Their dad r made from soft but still strong steel :)

  • Magnolia Lib says:

    thumbs up for dad!
    thumbs up for dad!

  • girlygirlyblonde says:

    that sounds like ” …
    that sounds like “mommy i keep getting raped”. i remember the shredded letter stayed in her hair for ages!

  • Freelan Justice says:

    There’s an episode …
    There’s an episode – I know I’ve seen it – where a parent writes a letter to a child and Steve is SO at the parent, for whatever the parent did, that he just politely took the note from the parent and wadded it up. Does anyone remember the name of the episode and if it’s still on Youtube? I’ve not seen it in a LONG time.Thanks a lot in advance!

  • SuperChaitea says:

    The mum was …
    The mum was beautiful and you could see it in her eyes il’ll try but I don’t think I can get back there. She is still young. Their daughters are beautiful .  Hope she makes it. Very sad.

  • yoooootuuuuubeful says:

    She is addicted, …
    She is addicted, that’s why she does it!

  • Mariah Plummer says:

    Shelby kinda looks …
    Shelby kinda looks like one of the Olsen twins! lol (:

  • Lisa Clayton says:

    These girls are …
    These girls are lovely, smart and articulate so somebody is doing something right (apparently their dad). The loss is really the mother’s; I know because my children were abandoned by their dad. Their lives will go on and be successful, and if mom survives she will be begging to get back in their lives if she ever straightens up.

  • TheJohnsonsfamiily says:

    WTH! Steve keeps …
    WTH! Steve keeps asking her why does she use it? Because Idiot! She’s a dope head!

  • BloodyHand29 says:


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