Nick Griffin: Shoot drug addicts & dealers, says BNP leader

0 Nick Griffin: Shoot drug addicts & dealers, says BNP leaderInterviewed by Dominic Carman, BNP leader NIck Griffin advocates shooting drug dealers and drug addicts. He points to China, which he says has recently gone soft, as an example of what can be done.

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11 Responses to “Nick Griffin: Shoot drug addicts & dealers, says BNP leader”

  • MyHealingSoul says:

    One of my peers at …
    One of my peers at work a white guy hanged himself because he could not believe I a colored guy was smatter that him. He was raised on a farm believing that white people are a superior race and when he came into the city he found it to be the opposite and for this reason left a note and hanged himself. I hope more white people hang themselves.

  • peppersdog1 says:

    sounds good to me …
    sounds good to me drug dealers and users

  • icfireplace says:

    @ …
    @RICHARDTOMLEY10WHARF you say racist like its a bad thing to be.

  • jackofus says:

    i can see why …
    i can see why people support the death penalty for murderers – there is a logic behind that principle – although im uncomitted on the issue myself. but to say we should execute those who havent taken a life is just disgusting – a bit like most of what nick griffin has said and done over the years.


    a real …
    a real rascist ,he wants this country to be like china ,its pretty well the worst country in the world for free speech ,absolute asshole

  • KAZEEMA91 says:


  • Vasco1701 says:

    i dislike the BNP …
    i dislike the BNP Racist venom! But Even in Communist China Drug Dealers r given the death sentance! In Arab Countries U wil llikely face death under Sharia! and U get to Britain Deal drugs u get 5 Star Treatment, a luxery heated cell/ a bed/ Sky TV/ a Gym/ Free food for the Tenure of your sentance! after screwing up Young lives!

  • theworldvideos1 says:

    Maybe Nick Griffin …
    Maybe Nick Griffin is using illegal drugs himself. Hence his ridiculous policies of swapping bananas for black people and reducing west london traffic by deporting sikhs to India !!!

  • magiclard says:

    @luckydice750 dont …
    @luckydice750 dont feed trolls mate its no use getting worked up about inane comments-this dick probably has syphilis on the brain or something.

  • Gnasher77 says:

    Film producers need …
    Film producers need look no further when re-making the hunch back of Notre Dame.

  • luckydice750 says:

    @MyHealingSoul you …
    @MyHealingSoul you sick fuck,he was brought up like that not all white people are facist and supprt the bnp you asshole

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