Sam Sullivan: Drug Addiction as a Management Issue

0 Sam Sullivan: Drug Addiction as a Management IssueSam Sullivan is the mayor of Vancouver and a long time supporter of drug policy reform and harm reduction in Canada. This video shows him adressing the closing ceremony of the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in New Orleans, December 2007. He pointed out that drug addiction is neither a moral nor a medical issue, but a management issue like other disabilites. He said drug addicts needs substitution treatment to manage their lives just as he needed a wheelchair to get elected as a mayor.

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2 Responses to “Sam Sullivan: Drug Addiction as a Management Issue”

  • faketubename says:

    Disgraceful. No …
    Disgraceful. No wonder this city is run by drug dealers and drug addicts. Disability my ass. It’s very clear why things are getting worse. Lets all let organized criminals make our children and families drug addicts, then lets “manage” them. At least Sullivan seems to be benefiting in more than one way.

  • xawesomexelix says:

    HAHAHAHA, what a …
    HAHAHAHA, what a great analogy.

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