The Drug Addict Meets Kernel Sanders

0 The Drug Addict Meets Kernel SandersSorry I havent posted a video in a while. Another swell episode of the Drug Addict. Its a joke Don’t take it seriously.

Duration : 0:1:31

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6 Responses to “The Drug Addict Meets Kernel Sanders”

  • largest85 says:

    The Drug Addict …
    The Drug Addict yeaaaaahhhhh !!!!

  • DrewPicklesAintDed69 says:

    Soi soi soi. soi …
    Soi soi soi. soi soi soi. soi soi soi, soisoi! XD

  • MrDaxonislander says:

    lol i like the drug …
    lol i like the drug addict… more than Drew Pickles

  • Frugsaddict says:

    Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!! …
    Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CoolNASCARGuy says:

    What text-to-speech …
    What text-to-speech program did you use for the Drug Addict? It’s cool.

  • bonerificisswell says:

    @CoolNASCARGuy Its …
    @CoolNASCARGuy Its Called Cepstral. The voice I am using is “Shouty” I bought the Voice for pretty cheap. And Thanks :)

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