Why go off grid? – look what happened to me – break in – drug addict

0 Why go off grid?   look what happened to me   break in   drug addictThis is an interview with my buddy Paul at his place about my recent break in. This is just reminding me of more reasons to go off grid and be away from this society. It’s not like it use to be and we need to go back to how it was. This world is a crazy place at times. My guns and Percocet’s / pain killers were stolen by someone who I was supposed to trust. It’s part of life. But it’s what you do and handle your self in these situations that defines a person not when things are good. So I’m staying on the straight and narrow. Things will work themselves out.


Check out his channel. He’s got a off grid tiny home / cabin he’s working on and he’s making himself more self sufficient. He’s built his own solar panels and sent me solar cells so I can do the same.

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  • Praxxus55712 says:

    The unending crap …
    The unending crap from society was much of the reason I decided my life will always be away from cities. I feel safer and more relaxed in a rural environment. A friend once told me “Ray you’re running away from the world”. I was going to deny it at first but then thought about it and had to agree. I added that it’s pretty sad that I should have to feel that way about my own species. Great video Tim. :)

  • Barterninja says:

    Heh. I know how ya …
    Heh. I know how ya feel, bud. I am planning to go off grid once I pay off my student loans down to be more manageable before getting out of college. I dealt with those people in high school. Luckily, college is lot better with some good people for me minus the cost which keeps rising. Hence I am also working to make sure I don’t have to take out more loans.

  • Evan Burke says:

    Cop callers!
    Cop callers!

  • 10yearvet says:

    OPSEC brother. …
    OPSEC brother. Never let anyone know what you have or, at least not much till you know them much better. I was reading an article last week that Washington State, I think it was, has introduced legislation that would put the gun owner in jail if their guns were stolen. How´s that shoulder doing?

  • 2619832009 says:

    wow man that sucks. …
    wow man that sucks…did they find your guns or what?

  • Don Ralfe says:

    Sucks man Hope you …
    Sucks man Hope you find a good plot of land and make it your own break free of all the bs life throws at you. Thanks for the publicity brother keep it up

  • david fl says:

    the RV makes it …
    the RV makes it easy to hook up and move.

  • sunnylandcamper says:

    wow, that blows…. …
    wow, that blows……karma will strike

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