Boss Fires Employee With Drug Problem

0 Boss Fires Employee With Drug ProblemBoss Fires Employee With Drug Problem
Fed up with an employee’s percocet addiction and repeated drug use, a boss delivers a verbal smack down.

Duration : 0:9:20

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  • dipmyballzinit says:

    @cdanielz, wake up …
    @cdanielz, wake up and smell the that your shoveling!!

  • dipmyballzinit says:

    Sounded like …
    Sounded like Hempstead, Long Island…

  • darthspeaks says:

    I don’t think so – …
    I don’t think so – I think this honest business owner is trying to run a business and the people who show up to work for him are drugged up who can’t help anyone – lest them themselves.

  • darthspeaks says:

    What did he way …
    What did he way where this guy is living? Hab space?

  • darthspeaks says:

    This guy talked to …
    This guy talked to this junkie 8 minutes more than I would have.
    If I was talking to this I would have taken some Suboxone and given it to him and watched the stupid junk-o twitch. em.

  • mickey pike says:


  • Steve Kennelly says:

    I think the one …
    I think the one dislike is from the junkie that got fired.

  • Slappy240 says:

    Fuck drug junkies.. …
    drug junkies… losers. Anyway, i want that Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SV in your calender.

  • corpseass says:

    i feel ya my …
    i feel ya my brothers r junkies, i can tell someones problem in a second

  • jacob Dice says:

    the world would be …
    the world would be a better place if it had more down to earth guys like you. you, sir, are a boss.

  • Turnkeys42 says:

    Kudos to you!!!
    Kudos to you!!!

  • b1gd08 says:

    Don’t do drugs …
    Don’t do drugs kids. Its a dead end.

  • aenyxx says:

    Good for you sir, …
    Good for you sir, it’s pathetic what people in this country think they are entitled to these days without working for it.

  • CMDCllc says:

    I LOVE YOU! More …
    I LOVE YOU! More people should be doing this and not allowing these losers to run your businesses!

  • CDanielzSpecialist says:

    that guy’s a …
    that guy’s a showoff and pretentious as all hell. he’s got a shirt on that says “save the children.” most drug addicts are either abused or neglected children, so in his mind what age does somebody go from needing to be saved to being a piece of that you can kick around? anybody who says “no drug addicts” in an add is an idiot and if you can’t rely on your own judgement you are going to get deceived. thirdly it’s another dumbass with a video fetish who is only exposing himself to scrutiny

  • southtxgent says:

    “Before I get …
    “Before I get off” LMAO….he admits it, he’s done. NEXT!

  • jsguidry says:

    “Now I gotta own …
    “Now I gotta own up to my wife for being right.”. Awesome.

  • aquaristic says:

    I want to thank the …
    I want to thank the boss in this video for speaking the truth and for doing the right thing. I think this video should be shown in high schools and colleges as part of required courses. 

  • Firecat7409 says:

    this should be …
    this should be viral

  • brandt halseth says:

    Amen to this boss. …
    Amen to this boss. I’m sure he’ll get some sort of court action against him from the libs

  • cajun812 says:

    The fundamental …
    The fundamental difference between the liberal-progressive-socialist-communist mentality of entitlement and blame and one of self-responsibility and improvement. I am NOT responsible for the failure of others, but will help those deserving who find themselves in a jam. That’s a personal choice, and shouldn’t be government’s through confiscated payroll taxes.

  • RamoneTalarico says:

    he is right …
    he is right about pain killers “They dull the pain, you use the muscle more, and then you make it worse”

  • carrollthevee says:

    I’m …

    I’m tryin’ to shitcan this junkie!”

  • darthspeaks says:

    There should be an …
    There should be an online website so guys like this good boss and look up job applicants so this doesn’t slip in.

  • Mark Bishop says:

    I love how the guy …
    I love how the guy takes no responsibility for his addition and blames everyone else but himself. That seems to be the theme in today’s world. BE A MAN!!!

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