0 DrugsDear Drug Addicts,
Please be informed that I left out how many people die transporting your and how much money is made from your support of this evil industry which goes hand in hand with child sex trafficking and other “illuminati”/organized crime/mafia business affairs. Take that, you demon possessed cunt. (Please note… some of the people at that whack job church were stoners… I’m seeing a pattern of dipshits,here.)

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  • LEE CROW says:

    lol dont get me …
    lol dont get me started tawny pot is a f-ing plant gurl grow up , what does it matter when we live forever.live free

  • meditateORdie says:

    I’ve lived on 3 …
    I’ve lived on 3 continents and 6 different countries and can tell you America is the most dysfunctional place i’ve ever lived in. I don’t know if you’ve been to places other than England but can tell you people are very different. It isn’t just a cultural thing i’m talking about but there’s something strange about America which is sad because it wasn’t this way even as recently as the mid 90′s from what I gather. What I’m saying is you sound like the type of person who would like traveling.

  • John Shiva says:

    People who do drugs …
    People who do drugs are strong not weak.

  • billybonewhacker says:

    this is your mk …
    this is your mk ultra handler…eat some rat poison ….the trigger word is boo hoo

  • tinaismina says:

    Have known alot of …
    Have known alot of pot heads that think their don’t stink pfff! So know what your feeling with having been treated like an alien if you cry…..worked in gov with a whole bunch of narcistic,pot head, alcho’s and living in fairyland types. A shocker everytime! Even had managers smile while I was crying and fumbling for a tissue farkin shit!

  • hotretardedchick1 says:

    Why can’t people …
    Why can’t people just mind their own business? Who cares whether you get high or not? That’s up!

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