E3. Is Your Drug Addiction All Your Fault?

0 E3. Is Your Drug Addiction All Your Fault?Hey, guys, I hope this vlog makes you think! I should note that I forgot to include yet another reason the government would love to see you addicted to drugs is to discredit you and have you taken out of the way — it’s easy to throw pills in your face, get you hungry for them and then tell you you have a problem and have you locked away where, when you try to tell the truth against them, they can simply say, “Why would you trust a drug addict?”

Don’t be fooled into thinking the government personally cares about you guys. It’s all greed. If they’re not making money off your problems, you’re wasting their time.

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“They said it was safe”: http://bit.ly/NwBjbC
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“OTC painkillers ‘can cause addiction within 3 days’”: http://bit.ly/2Ud5ar
“25 Shocking Facts That Prove the Entire US Health Care Industry Has Become One Giant Money Making Scam”: http://bit.ly/hSjdTu
“War on Drugs an Epic Fail”: http://bit.ly/kLGxUr
“If ‘rehab’ is so marvelous, how come up to 80% of addicts relapse?”: http://bit.ly/P5BLS

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