Former Drug Addict Takes On Marathon

0 Former Drug Addict Takes On MarathonA former drug addict overcomes his addiction through determination, hard work and hard running.

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25 Responses to “Former Drug Addict Takes On Marathon”

  • CompuWize says:

    just goes to show …
    just goes to show what humans are capable of.good job man,im proud of him.

  • orygone2 says:

    FANTASTIC—You took back control of your life, and you are an inspiration to others who battle with similar “demons”.

  • sh47712 says:

    i am a drug addict …
    i am a drug addict and i can run… he didn’t have to quit drugs to run… he just quit drugs and he can run… this is not inspiring.. . a man did drugs.. a man can run… its not like he is an Olympic athlete…

  • romeblaq1984 says:

    Keep it movin …
    Keep it movin brother.

  • MattMurphy5 says:

    I wish all news was …
    I wish all news was like this

  • boyutal says:


  • katalina2007 says:

    HOORAY! Great …
    HOORAY! Great story of hope and recovery from addiction :)

  • mixmasterbert says:

    thats great!
    thats great!

  • welmoepics says:

    Great job. Takes a …
    Great job. Takes a lot of guts and heart to turn your life around. Props.

  • carriethepug says:

    Truly inspirational
    Truly inspirational

  • jonjon1212 says:

    mattmurphy is right …
    mattmurphy is right….wtf is up with new on tv today so much craziness and over the top stories they need to just mellow out and put somtin on that is uplifting like this

  • joanfille says:

    Hope everyone can …
    Hope everyone can help more drug addicts. Good Job & thanks for posting. Yeh!

  • thabooger says:

    u can do anything u …
    u can do anything u set ur mind to. dont beat urself up if u catch urself sliipin either. its hard to better urself when u discourage urself. keep at it bro. ur day will come.

  • thedarkshadower says:

    takes guts and …
    takes guts and heart to avoid it

  • latinroman says:

    well its good to …
    well its good to see a change, i’m proud of him

  • nypd5003 says:

    youre the men!!!! …
    youre the men!!!! hold your head high just like you said you go boy!

  • sebastiamer says:


  • abraar15 says:

    keep on going
    keep on going

  • lionhart28 says:

    good job
    good job

  • plowboy59 says:

    go loves you to
    go loves you to

  • lionhart28 says:


  • Vamply says:

    You are an …
    You are an inspiration. I’m struggling with an addiction myself and will use your story as a constant motivator that anything is possible.

  • a2thah423 says:

    kick it up! u rock!
    kick it up! u rock!

  • Fredrikkk123 says:

    This is the first …
    This is the first time I’ve wrote a comment here on YouTube, but this was so incredibly admiring :)

  • alwayzzcitra says:

    you’re a real …
    you’re a real inspirator!.. Great job!

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