Iran tops world drug addiction-rate list under the Islamic Regime

0 Iran tops world drug addiction rate list under the Islamic Regimeایران رکورد بالاترین معتاد مواد مخدر را در رژیم اسلامی بدست آورد

Iran tops world drug addiction-rate list?
Report Heroin is the street drug of choice in IRAN today!
According to the UNODC, there are an estimated number of drug addicts in IRAN is about 4 million!, at least 1.6 million heroin addicts in Iran!
Needle sharing
Sometimes as many as 500 people use the same syringe!
Affected by heroin injection the spread of HIV/AIDS in IRAN
… And at least 50,000 are infected with HIV…
Drug-related deaths, 31 heroin addicts die every day in Tehran only!
Tuesday, 9 December, 2003_ BBC, Tehran
The country has 2 million drug users, with around 200,000 injecting themselves intravenously.

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8 Responses to “Iran tops world drug addiction-rate list under the Islamic Regime”

  • soco13466 says:

    They do it to cope …
    They do it to cope with the misery the ayatollahs make them live with. I didn’t realize it was so bad, they just drug themselves into oblivion. This points out how “loving” that devil Allah is. Jehovah is the true God; the God of Jesus.

  • puneh1 says:

    ایران در همه چیر …
    ایران در همه چیر مقام اول را بدست آورده……… آدم کشی ….تجاوز…واین هم مواد مخدر….دیگه چی مونده؟

  • EdwinAryai says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the video MDSTVUSA!

  • EdwinAryai says:

    Free Iran!
    Free Iran!

  • Leila96088 says:

    This is …
    This is heartbreaking man!!!
    I can’t even watch this , its to upsetting.
    This is a well planed ideology by the fascist republic , to sedate the young of our country, to allow them to continue with their wickedness.
    It breaks my heart to know what Persia was and stood for once upon a time…..and what has been done to it today………………..

  • antarinejad says:

    marg bar pasdarane …
    marg bar pasdarane ghachaghchie kesafat!!!

  • TheKourosh1990 says:

    please write the …
    please write the title in Parsi to keep it between us. This sort of videos would be a good excuse for arabs to upload it against our societies.

  • MrAmirr76 says:

    sad story,,down …
    sad story,,down with this regime!!Free Iran,

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