Russell Brand on awareness of Drugs addiction as a health issue – Medical Documentary

0 Russell Brand on awareness of Drugs addiction as a health issue   Medical DocumentaryDrugs addiction is a health issue rather than..
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  • dedopey39 says:

    i think most …
    i think most understand the reasons behind the argument but their too scared to implement it because they think the public will turn on them

  • stellaluna68 says:

    This vid should be …
    This vid should be handed to every government official involved in drug-crime policy everywhere!

  • John Dunbar says:

    Listen, Drugs help …
    Listen, Drugs help people. PERIOD. We need heroine we need pills we need drugs. They are our angels.

  • John Dunbar says:

    Wow.. look at the …
    Wow.. look at the way he addressed those white collar judges. Wow this guy is so stupid.

  • Josue Rin says:

    the smelly burning …
    the smelly burning kind that shoots out as soon as you sit on the toilet

  • Robin Generelli says:

    Russell Im with you …
    Russell Im with you 100% you have it totally right you have the power to make a change We live tthis nightmare methedone is not the answer!!!! check out our story on you tube called drugs and the broken system!!!

  • armagedonoutofhere says:

    100£ a day ,,,, is …
    100£ a day ,,,, is that all ?

  • rsohlich1 says:

    Addiction is so …
    Addiction is so up… many good people dying.

  • P714EVN says:

    Really good …
    Really good documentary, It’s true what Russell says, That addiction is and needs to be treated as a disease.Addicts and alcoholics need to be treated better in this country, not just palmed off on persription drugs and forgot about.

  • HolyCity2012 says:

    24:47 ” Well it’s …
    24:47 ” Well it’s lovely seeing you. I don’t know if I have ever had anyone like yourself ”

    Anyone who understands who an addict is or what an addict is would never say or even think such a thing. The motives of Dr Clare Gerada, Chair of the Royal College of Practitioners are questionable, at best.

    Dr Clare Gerada will be regarded as an obstacle to recovery and a more progressive society.

  • cpatrick91 says:

    just get …
    just get addblocker. problem solved.

  • caskur1 says:

    Brilliant …
    Brilliant documentary… brilliant… Hope they’re listening.

  • Robin Generelli says:

    as a mom of a child …
    as a mom of a child with a heroin addiction I truly believe all that russell believes get help without all the meds!!!!! making an addiction worse by handing out more drugs! thats not the answer check out our story on you tube called drugs and the broken system

  • rvcasrfr says:

    you put ads every 5 …
    you put ads every 5 mins on a video you don’t even own the rights to? You really are a piece of shit

  • mattyb567567 says:

    Sorry it may have …
    Sorry it may have been heroin.

  • mattyb567567 says:

    Russell is playing …
    Russell is playing with fire holding and opening that cocaine.That is what happened to DJ AM he was trying to help people but wasnt ready to be around the drugs and he relapsed and died i pray this dont happen to Russell.

  • HolyCity2012 says:

    1craving, 1 urge at …
    1craving, 1 urge at a time.

    15 minutes at a time.

    1 day at a time.

  • Julie Brainless says:

    I love you so much …
    I love you so much Russell, nice job!

  • 1973Beans says:

    I am so impressed …
    I am so impressed with Russel Brand here. WOW! Amasing!

  • Millie Campion says:

    What a lad.
    What a lad.

  • DafranchYze says:

    Utmost respect for …
    Utmost respect for this man

  • Phiil Michael Moran says:

    Everyone should …
    Everyone should check out ”Re:Brand”

    When he was a heroin user he made a short series of documentaries, They’re amazing.

  • Mike R says:

    o im sorry know i …
    o im sorry know i understand he dont want people to live with a crutch u say well maybe some people need a cruch handicapped people need wheelchairs people with diabeties need insuline and some hardcore herion addicts need methadone to stay clean. and if i dont relapse because of the methadone then y should i think the methadone bad that seems good yes its possible that i would relapse without it u never know but thats all the more reason to continue methadone maintence it keep me clean

  • Oscar Wilde says:

    Never go back to …
    Never go back to drugs Russell

  • StealthSoldiers says:

    He’s against …
    He’s against methadone because, in the end, it’s just another dependency. The way the brain works, by the time you’re off heroine or whatever your drug of choice may have been, you feel that the methadone was what kept you away from it more easily. What happens when you take that dependency away? Relapse. And that’s why relapse happens most of the time. He wants people to learn to live without any sort of crutch.

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