911 Call-Cop “Overdoses” on Pot Brownies

0 911 Call Cop Overdoses on Pot BrowniesThis is the 911 tape of the Michigan police officer who confiscated marijuana from suspects, used it to make pot brownies with his wife, and called 911 believing they were dying. Very Funny

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25 Responses to “911 Call-Cop “Overdoses” on Pot Brownies”

  • Skyducharme says:


  • mazza23 says:

    @ChiefSlapah0 im …
    @ChiefSlapah0 im pretty sure if you call an ambulance from say a meth lab odeing they keep it confidential and dont involve the police, basically cos people who are odeing die all the time because they are scared of being arrested for possesion and what not. but yeh im sure he got in trouble if it made news n shit.

  • ChiefSlapah0 says:

    What makes this pig …
    What makes this pig exempt from the law? He should be in prison just like the people he has arrested for using…

  • hiney2002 says:



  • No1Richman says:

    “please send rescue …
    “please send rescue” LMFAO

  • 1mermaidbethany says:

    i uhh think were …
    i uhh think were dead xD

  • AKg0Lden says:

    RIP Nate Dogg

    RIP Nate Dogg


  • mypont says:

    Hahahaha …
    Hahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha

  • ahmadhamad says:

    You know WELL …
    You know WELL Perla gets baked EVERY NIGHT.

  • Marion133 says:


  • RCROX5000 says:

    The ONLY reason why …
    The ONLY reason why this guy and his wife were not charged is because he was a cop. And we all know that cops smoke that when they make a bust. Or bake it, in this guy’s case. And why do they do that? Because they’re the govt, and law doesn’t apply to the govt. No offense to any cops who read this.

  • xxxshutxxx says:

    This Is Hilarious.
    This Is Hilarious.

  • nextweeknext says:

    hahahaha i love the …
    hahahaha i love the news readers’ reactions at the end, like they’re just trying so hard not to have a giggle fit. haha

  • lunnielly says:

    LOL.. i just had a …
    LOL.. i just had a similar experience, but my brothers calmed me down and showed me this… too funny.

  • class4outbreak says:

    the limit to how …
    the limit to how high you can get by eating marijuana versus smoking it is much higher, no pun intended.

  • MrPrankster78 says:

    The words wont …
    The words wont follow the reporter’s lips its like a freaking Japanese T.V. Show.

  • dizzog63 says:

    Bahahaha that dude …
    Bahahaha that dude waz fkn GONE

  • wawahwario says:

    @phil656565 yeah I …
    @phil656565 yeah I got a bit too stoned when I smoked too much kief, it was awful but I knew I wasn’t gonna die

  • phil656565 says:

    @wawahwario one …
    @wawahwario one time i vaped for 2 hours with my roomie, i know the feeling, didnt feel like was dying but i couldnt do anything, couldnt even move my hand to turn off the tv

  • diteacha14 says:

    lol haha i know …
    lol haha i know that feeling! like i’m just gonna die any minute now

  • jefflantz666 says:

    @wawahwario Kind of …
    @wawahwario Kind of true, but anyone smoking or consuming weed should know that it’s impossible to overdose. Know about the drugs you take.

  • wawahwario says:

    It’s kinda funny …
    It’s kinda funny but the people that think this is HILARIOUS have only had like three tokes and been high once or twice…Try getting WAY higher than you’re used to and see how well you handle it

    Believe me, ANYONE could have a panic attack and do something similar to this if they had WAY too much weed, and of course, the effects are more intense when eaten instead of smoked

  • mis4sasu says:

    @ovmssucks you can …
    @ovmssucks you can if you add something else to it. My friend had someone give her some with add stuff and they took her to the hospital when putting ice on her didn’t help wake her.

  • ovmssucks says:

    LMAO ahaha
    you can …

    LMAO ahaha
    you can never ever overdose too funny

  • bnicolec2001 says:

    I love the lady off …
    I love the lady off screen who is haveing a giggle fit and how the lady doing the report has to say “Carla ” as in stop it but she is kind of giggling to .

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