Accidental Pain Killer Overdose Epidemic

0 Accidental Pain Killer Overdose EpidemicIn 2009, there were 7 million Americans aged 12 years and older who abused prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. Dean Reynolds reports on the escalating problem.

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5 Responses to “Accidental Pain Killer Overdose Epidemic”

  • Polaf3456 says:

    What happened to …
    What happened to the stupid mom?

  • absboy11 says:

    i thought this …

    i thought this was about the video game

  • rebouel says:

    Think this can be …
    Think this can be forgotten? How many in the sea of the demised will the ‘respectable’ ‘hard-working’ pharmaceutical drug pimps stand and give an account for? Surely enjoy your moment of illusion, eternity is beckoning.

  • setoman1 says:

    painkillers… but …
    painkillers… but they turned out to be methadone… wait what? so methadone is not a painkiller now?

  • Rednasyl28 says:

    That’s why you …
    That’s why you don’t take pills unless you know EXACTLY what they are! How unfortunate

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