Coast to Coast AM – Feb 19 2013 – Accounts of NDEs & Spontaneous Combustion C2CAM

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Date: 02-19-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: John W. Price, Larry E. Arnold

Reverend John W. Price (book link) has been a priest of the Episcopal Church since 1965. He serves as a spiritual director and is also a member of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). After hearing over two hundred accounts of near-death experiences, Rev. Price shared some of the cases, and how they correlate with religious teachings. Referring to those who experience NDEs as “returnees,” he related an early case that he heard when he was stationed in the National Guard. The returnee said his NDE occurred after a drug overdose, and he was told “it was not his time.” During his “life review” he was shown that he was throwing away the gifts that God had given him. Once revived, “that man…got up and walked away cold turkey from drug addiction,”– the NDE absolutely turned his life around, he said.

Price has heard of four different ways people exit the body during an NDE– the tunnel of light happens in only about 40% of the cases. The medical idea that a brain deprived of oxygen explains the tunnel effect, doesn’t account for why during the NDE, people report a joyous reunion, a life review, and instruction, and then when they come back they’re a different person, he contended. Suicide, Price has learned from the accounts, is not a good escape option. Though people aren’t punished for it, they are still aware of all the problems they had in their life, as well as the grief they caused their loved ones. When people were resuscitated from their suicide attempt, they came back with the knowledge that they had to deal with their problems, he said.

Regarding hellish NDEs, Price shared a man’s NDE account of being attacked by the claws of a T-Rex type creature. He would be healed only to be torn apart over and over again. When the man yelled “help me Lord,” he woke up back in the hospital, and was subsequently able to turn his life around. Price also cited the case of Howard Storm’s hellish near-death-experience, and how help finally came when he called on the Lord. For more NDE accounts, visit the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).
New Spontaneous Combustion Case

First hour guest, researcher Larry Arnold reported on a possible new case of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) which took place in Oklahoma. Fire Marshall Ronnie Marshall said he’d never seen a body burnt like that of the victim Danny Vanzandt. There was also a lack of heat and flame damage to the areas surrounding the body, “which is the hallmark of what history has defined as the concept of spontaneous human combustion,” said Arnold. He added that the new case bore similarities to the famous 1966 SHC case of Dr. John Bentley.

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  • Dsi1ver says:

    suicide seems to …
    suicide seems to be very earthly. the world needs love

  • deescottlass says:

    UK listening :-) 
    UK listening :-) 

  • StPalliGrl says:

    PS….update …
    PS….update yourself people, there are no anunaki, no nibiru, Stitchin wrote a story from his imagination. His translations of Sumerian Texts were barely amateur.
    Check out Michael Heiser also Jonathan Grey they’ll explain it to you.
    Anybody that uses Stitchen as a reference clearly isn’t getting his info from a good ET or any ET. This dude is another victim of mind manipulation from the government who clearly need to update their information, their slipping over there.

  • StPalliGrl says:

    He never mentioned …
    He never mentioned what the purpose was for the original child being born in the first place. I mean please… sounds more like a game or a dare that a few select individuals
    in different societies are doing when they know it’s against the rules. Where do they get their babies from?? I bet that dude has no children of his own, doesn’t sympathize at all, seemed to think it was rather clever to switch babies and there is nothing the parents can do about but comply. EPIC FAIL

  • John P II says:

    Fuck your twitter …
    your twitter account, grow up clown(s)

  • itscrazytrevor says:

    There’s an app that …
    There’s an app that runs your twitter account after you die! I dying to use that marvel of technology! To bad I can’t read what the A.I. twitter account will be tweeting on my behalf since I’ll be dead! I think I’m gonna have to kill off one of my many fake twitter accounts to see how the app works! Now is that premeditated murder or suicide? I just hope it’s not bad karma to kill off a fake account or that I could be haunted by my twitter accounts that have past on! R.I.P. My Twitter Avatar

  • Lastixen says:

    (11:00)…i sayng …
    (11:00)…i sayng it was an attack …”somebody” tried to attack the earth and “some one “good guy” i dont know ..came here and eliminate the power of that “weapon”….(u know what i mean)…

  • jaydh78 says:

    at 1:46:00 – 10 … …
    at 1:46:00 – 10 … kinda weird. Might be over thinking it though.

  • nonfictionworld says:

    Thank you mr.Price. …
    Thank you mr.Price. So wonderful and refreshing to hear a man of faith not be afraid of expanding interpretations rather than being stuck in the same cycles. You are doing Real good for people in questioning.

  • neoele11 says:

    1:22:00.. I’ve …
    1:22:00.. I’ve heard BS in my time but this has to be the biggest pile of BS I’ve heard… so far!

  • weirdodude550 says:

    why do we continue …
    why do we continue on with no mention of animals because other great apes especially bonobos a mother bonobo that lost her child in the jungle cried for 3 strait days and theirs been tribes that have known to be completely peaceful with no alpha males and seem to behave more good then manny humans i know why would god not bring them forth with us humans as well as all good creatures of his making?

  • 4realestate2 says:

    The stock market …
    The stock market being doing so well? The Plung Protection Team, Regan did this to off set the down economy so no 30′s return. Look it up. not investors


    Ill hack your …
    Ill hack your back to the stone age

  • neoele11 says:

    0:3:30…That’s …
    0:3:30…That’s exactly what I’ve been saying for years…If ‘terrorist’ really wanted to attack the US, they wouldn’t knock dolwn 2 or 3 buildings, they’d take out the oil lines and the electrical infastructure, once the power is out then all these so-called ‘terrorist cells’ can go to work.

  • wat700son says:

    thank you, I was …
    thank you, I was thinking this too :(

  • Jet Lo says:

    Death Ray (Tesla …
    Death Ray (Tesla invention) = spontaneous combustion

  • symogums says:

    bodies burnt for up …
    bodies burnt for up to 14 hours the fire never spreading elsewhere and in all cases normally the head hands and feet were left due to low fat content. i cant believe these people dont know about this. bodies burn similar to candles

  • symogums says:

    spontanious …
    spontanious combustion is wrong it is slow combustion, this was all proved about 10 years ago. there has to be a small flame that is fed in a wick system fuelled by the bodies fat. it causes a small flame that continually burns fed by the bodies fat never reaching high temps or a big enough flame to spread to other items. it was thoroughly tested and proven. it is very rare as conditions have to be perfect, correct materials and fat content and ignition. was tested on cadavres

  • halo3gamehead says:

    its got to be the …
    its got to be the water our bodies are made up of
    think about it water is hydrogen and oxygen
    hydrogen combusts and oxygen will feed what combusts
    prolongng burn and once it stops it means there is no hydrogen left which would explain why the rest of th house was relatively unscathed

  • kloakatv says:

    Thanks again! I’m …
    Thanks again! I’m enjoying you’re videos daily very nice to listen before sleeping :)

  • yossarian1633 says:

    it’s gettin it’s …
    it’s gettin it’s gettin’ it’s gettin kinda hectic

  • DoomXI says:

    I’m sure the demons …
    I’m sure the demons in will replay what you are saying over a few millennia as your soul burns and they sensually torture you forever in outer darkness. I take it you like to gamble?

  • caessarion says:

    if they see the …
    if they see the other side, george, they know they have infinite life. I swear to God dude, you interview all these people and you have a retard mentality , get into the mix bitch, and no 19 terrorists did NOT do the towers! fuken pathetic

  • caessarion says:

    smoke dmt
    smoke dmt

  • Lana Rose says:

    I didn’t agree …
    I didn’t agree with alot the Pastor said however opinions & theories are a dime a dozen~Still sifting through~Love Coast to Coast~

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