Cod Black Ops 2 Worm and entire team troll a 12 year old Kid episode 1/3

0 Cod Black Ops 2 Worm and entire team troll a 12 year old Kid episode 1/3Trolling a 12 year old whos dad apparantly died of a drug overdose, and claims his cousin is the leader of the crips.

Duration : 0:10:52

25 Responses to “Cod Black Ops 2 Worm and entire team troll a 12 year old Kid episode 1/3”

  • WorkingForTheBarrels says:

    Now we just let …
    Now we just let him get spamed with messages.

  • MuDi keetchy says:

    Not Funny worm …. …
    Not Funny worm …..

  • iSurvivedTheZombieZ says:

    And this is why i …
    And this is why i dont own an xbox! Too many little kids.

  • iSurvivedTheZombieZ says:

    The fact the kid …
    The fact the kid mentioned his dad is dead for no reason probably means its a lie.

  • Patrick Hennagir says:

    the kids dad died …
    the kids dad died u a bitch

  • luis cortes says:

    if you watch his …
    if you watch his other videos he explains that he isnt great he just does it to troll

  • luis cortes says:

    hey worm what …
    hey worm what capture device you use?

  • Louisiana Gunner says:

    No wonder you have …
    No wonder you have to camp!

  • Louisiana Gunner says:

    Dude you’re so …
    Dude you’re so lame! And you suck at the game!

  • vHighPride says:



  • Rinaldo Prenga says:

    i WOULD feel bad …
    i WOULD feel bad for this kid… but I HATE PPL UNDER THE AGE OF 16 ON XBOX -.-

  • dood2461 says:

    Lol, funny video, …
    Lol, funny video, worm running around ?

  • TheGimptips says:

    Please make a …
    Please make a series with good places to worm on every map

  • John Trolliski says:

    Im 13 to and i …
    Im 13 to and i play this game! #YOLOSWAGKUSHMONEY

  • gamingsqaud22 says:

    Rip headphone users
    Rip headphone users

  • epicmankid says:

    Eh, he did cross …
    Eh, he did cross the line a little bit with that but it’s online so it shouldn’t do too much harm :P 

  • TAGZTAR says:

    LOOL babysitting …
    LOOL babysitting looking at his 2 year old cousing balls :D

  • KingRavGT says:

    @javabharath you …
    @javabharath you are so right! So big fat adult use offensive language against a 12year old kid. That is just poor! Get a job and stop up with young kids.

  • javabharath says:

    no, i am not saying …
    no, i am not saying the kid was right about playing an adult game. i am talking about an adult talking offensive language to kid. that was just really bad trolling. he could have picked on anyone to troll but not a Kid.

  • MattieeSkates says:

    if he shouldn’t be …
    if he shouldn’t be on the game, he can’t complain about the elder language being used :)  contradicted yourself.

  • brandan Lastt says:

    Yessir !
    Yessir !

  • javabharath says:

    i understand little …
    i understand little kids shouldnt be playing this game, BUT as an adult where is your sense talking offensive language to a little kid. absolutely revolting. Kids make dumb choices but as an adult you should know better.

  • grouchygrundle says:

    I played against a …
    I played against a couple black dudes last night n they were nonstop calling me the honkey tonk man. I get it I’m white(honkey) but it wasn’t funny. Honkey doesn’t hurt my feelings cause its just not funny but they thought it was great like they invented a new joke. What I’m gettin at is why can’t blacks come up with good jokes?

  • LoveHaters420 says:

    Funny shit, yo …
    Funny shit, yo still x box is 4 homo’s

  • DudeDudeTwentyTwenty says:

    i saw thunder on …
    i saw thunder on his friends list

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