Justice Overdose? Vigilante ‘dye attacks’ leave drug dealers red-faced

0 Justice Overdose? Vigilante dye attacks leave drug dealers red facedWith millions of people dying from drugs, some think laws and public awareness campaigns are not enough in the battle against the evil. Armed with their own methods, Russian vigilantes are on the warpath against drug-dealers – marking “sellers of death” with scarlet paint to serve as a warning to drug dealers. But, as RT’s Maria Finoshina reports, they are not always welcome.

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25 Responses to “Justice Overdose? Vigilante ‘dye attacks’ leave drug dealers red-faced”

  • thanxz911 says:

    @FreedomFighterUK …
    @FreedomFighterUK so now its ONLY when you are NOT stoned! typical signs of a stoner, forgetfulness. you are ONLY at half your capacity. just imagine what you could’ve accomplish at your full potential.

  • cliobaby says:

    @FreedomFighterUK …
    @FreedomFighterUK and many buyers usually want something strong enough that they do not have to use much, remember it can be quite an expensive habit, hence a score now is 4 times smaller in quantity than what one would get 20 odd years ago…but homegrown weed does sound tempting lol I visited a retired acquaintance whom had a massive weed ‘tree’ sometime ago and was very impressed with it…maybe something to consider when I relocate to a country with sun, unlike the uk lol

  • leechmasterb says:

    The war on drug …
    The war on drug does not work, so why don’t you legalize it before you lose the war to the dealers? Don’t you realise that drug dealers have more funds for guns and security than even your government can afford? Does it sound rational to start a war while they have the overhand? Doesn’t mexico give you a neat warning of the war on drugs?

  • akulabite says:

    Thats the biggest …
    Thats the biggest action against drugs that Ive ever seen.. Great work!

  • enticed2zeitgeist says:

    Does anyone else …
    Does anyone else think it’s odd that some governing body of people tell you what you can and can’t do with your body? Seems kind of backwards this day and age doesn’t it?

  • Polydynamix says:

    @Artistlcle A war …
    @Artistlcle A war on gold… you mean… a revolution? Like Libya?

  • ANTIZIONIST2011 says:

    CIA/MOSSAD Afghanistan drug ops are flooding Russia according to reports.

  • tdebat says:

    good plan
    good plan

  • DurexDurpaneu2 says:

    Tag! Your it!
    Tag! Your it!

  • getagripcanada says:

    @FreedomFighterUK k …
    @FreedomFighterUK k….got it….you sounded like one perfectly. I thought you were another lunatic that tends to populate this place. thanks for clearing that up….lol

  • cliobaby says:

    @FreedomFighterUK …
    @FreedomFighterUK Thanks for the info, I think I learnt something today =) but on a serious note, I am fully aware that Skunk is a type of Weed, but because I have worked with people with Mental Health conditions and prisoners in the past is why I maintain my views on Skunk. And that is purely because of what I have learnt whilst working with them. Skunk these days aint like what it used to be in the 60s and 70s. Maybe commercially grown skunk is the problem, but sellers want to make money

  • 4246theone says:

    @thanxz911 i’ve …
    @thanxz911 i’ve read hundreds of novels my silly friend.

  • FreedomFighterUK says:

    @thanxz911 When I’m …
    @thanxz911 When I’m not stoned I experience no negative side effects. Most of my time is spent sober as I work full-time and am studying an Open University course. ‘interview 1000 crack heads and im sure 950 will tell you they started with weed’ They probably started on Nicotine or Caffeine, I rest my case!

  • cliobaby says:

    @thanxz911 I agree …
    @thanxz911 I agree that weed can make someone chill out, maybe a little tooooo much lol, but am gona say that maybe u just know them type of people. as for me? I know judges, government workers, lawyers, police men/women, people with their own businesses *& the list goes on* whom ALL smoke weed, live in their own properties *some owning more than one* & live a rich comfy lifestyle. The circle of people i roll with dont live @ home with mummy n daddy..its how u use it, not how u let it control u.

  • stangeriam says:

    Not to make light …
    Not to make light of the harsh drug pushers, but looks as though Big Pharma
    should get dye thrown at them. Anyone who thinks that group of big executives
    has good intentions or doesn’t care about only making money…WTF UP!!!

  • InternetPerv says:

    drug dealers are …
    drug dealers are just entrepreneurs.

  • FreedomFighterUK says:

    @FreedomFighterUK . …
    @FreedomFighterUK … nutrients to promote growth in the vegetative and flowering stages. Most people use chemical based nutrients in a hydroponic setup but I (when I used to grow a bit) used a soil substrate and fed the plants organic nutrients. The plants I grew were ‘skunk plants’ of average potency. The strain is called Lemon Skunk because of it’s distinctive citrus aroma. SKUNK IS WEED YOU KNOB-HEADS.

  • thanxz911 says:

    @FreedomFighterUK ” …
    @FreedomFighterUK “no effect on me mentally”, then why smoke? it must have an effect on you mentally if you are “smoking to much”. it is giving you something that you are lacking in your life, it is an escape. Im not blaming ANY drug for my actions and decisions. I was just merely stating that weed IS a gateway drug that in MOST cases leads to smack or crack. interview 1000 crack heads and im sure 950 will tell you they started with weed. i rest my case!

  • FreedomFighterUK says:

    @thanxz911 Where’s …
    @thanxz911 Where’s my reply? moron.

  • FreedomFighterUK says:

    @cliobaby ‘SKUNK; …
    @cliobaby ‘SKUNK; which is class A due to the chemicals added’ Skunk is cannabis, cannabis is skunk. Skunk usually refers to stronger strains of cannabis that give off a pungent aroma hence the name skunk. The ‘skunk’ strains are cross-bred from (mainly) a Cannabis sativa strain and a Cannabis Indica strain, in a sort of selective breeding programme to try and combine the best characteristics from the two strains i.e potency, yield, and plant size into one plant. You have to feed the plant…..

  • thanxz911 says:

    @4246theone pick up …
    @4246theone pick up a book you pothead.

  • thanxz911 says:

    @cliobaby ALL the …
    @cliobaby ALL the people i know that still smoke weed, thats ALL they do! day and night, snapper after snapper. its pathetic 30 something year olds smoking weed in their parents house.

  • FreedomFighterUK says:

    @thanxz911 What has …
    @thanxz911 What has smack got to do with weed? You made a conscious decision to start so deal with it. Don’t blame a plant for your sheer idiocy. I used the word abuse because I realise i smoke too much, I could just take the easy option and blame cannabis for my actions but seeing as I’m fairly intelligent, I realise it is foolish to blame an inanimate object for my own doings. Smoking cannabis doesn’t ‘make my mind stronger’ It has no effect whatsoever on me mentally. Take responsibility.

  • Artistlcle says:

    If this continues …
    If this continues it will become a fashion for young teens to splash some red ink on themselves before they go out on the town.

    It makes you look cool and tough

    Others will splash their mates or enemies as a prank.

    It will increase the sales of the drug dealer as more people will be able to see they can score off him.

    A new retro fashion for young rebels.

    The Splash Look.

    The red Russians of the 2020′s

  • wordprophet says:

    This is excellent. …
    This is excellent. If there is a law against what these decent people are doing, then that law is repugnant to their common good, and should be stricken.
    These people are using non violent, effective means of cleaning up their cities. I applaud them!

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