Lecrae – Overdose

0 Lecrae   OverdoseNew single from Lecrae’s “Rehab: The Overdose”, the album.

Duration : 0:2:57

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21 Responses to “Lecrae – Overdose”

  • IServeChrist2335 says:

    I love how theres …
    I love how theres one dislike … why is there always a bieber lover in in ever rap song

  • SJRogers says:

    This sounds similar …
    This sounds similar to Rick Ross’s “Blow Money Fast”, but better.

  • lildidi94 says:

    This Better Then …
    This Better Then Mainstream…

  • nroth7 says:

    woo woo woo woo woo …
    woo woo woo woo woo Jesus Up!!!!!

  • fkjnable says:

    who would dislike a …
    who would dislike a song like this truly sad

  • ZTRPSN says:

    Lecrae you are …
    Lecrae you are going so hard. This is amazing.

  • SecondSalt says:

    Check out new …
    Check out new gospel rapper L-Switch!!!!!!

  • HabbiReporter says:

    omg im making …
    omg im making cornflakes while listening to this song, i still couldn’t make my cornflakes. Kept bouncing to much, i even had a hard time typing this. O.O

  • Tookode1 says:

    “Im so real a …
    “Im so real a hunned percent authentic, i know how fake feels i dropped him off @ the clinic”….KILLT!!!!!!!!!

  • adamhoman1 says:

    ” They think their …
    ” They think their some ballers, but they just some foul shooters ” that was good

  • 7NAIRE says:

    this go hard
    this go hard

  • GingkaHagane078 says:


  • LightOfChrist73 says:

    This CD is straight …
    This CD is straight Holy Ghost FIRE!!!! Lecrae definitely has the annointing! God bless you homie. Keep doin it big for the kingdom.

  • pwilson1961 says:

    I’m on The Overdose …
    I’m on The Overdose yes!!!! Lrcrea is truly unashamed!!!!To God be all Glory!!!



  • madyllene says:

    He is amazing, love …
    He is amazing, love his passion for sharing the Gospel.
    He changed my life…

  • Xavorify says:

    I’m overdosing on …
    I’m overdosing on this album.. and especially this track!

  • devine1st says:

    I love Jesus Muzik!!
    I love Jesus Muzik!!

  • LaChicaDeMex says:

    wow i got a GREAT …
    wow i got a GREAT Feeling for this song… LOVE GOD <3 ….

  • YanaDej says:

    The way God uses …
    The way God uses this dude is simply “CRAZY” Go Jesus!!!

  • TheLostBorieals says:

    WOOHOO!! :D
    WOOHOO!! :D

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