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0 Massive Homeopathic Overdose Cures   Penn PointThirst. If you drink enough homeopathic medicine, you will be less thirsty. For anything else, take something real.

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25 Responses to “Massive Homeopathic Overdose Cures – Penn Point”

  • sisc808 says:

    Its funny, i once …
    Its funny, i once ate a whole container of homeopathic sleeping pills, i was 7 years old, and i am glad those pills were homeopathic or else it may have gone bad, thank you homeopathy!

  • blahblahblah11129 says:

    That’s cute. …
    That’s cute. Homeopathy is stupid. Penn’s politics are still very irrational. Marx was a scientist too. He was just wrong about social science. Same with Penn. He says ‘I know there is no magic homeopathy so that makes me empirical and smart…’ and then his politics are insane and wrong and would hurt the country if enacted. People can be like that.

  • PurpleGhost says:

    I guess that would …
    I guess that would depend on how you define homeopathic … This whole dilution, is something I’d never even heard of until this year, which I was very surprised by since my mother is, and always has been, very into ‘homeopathic’ remedies.
    She’d get us to take extra vitamins and drink echinacea tea. She buys into the idea that you have to ‘cleanse’ your body, though I think I’ve managed to convince her that the whole ‘pro-alkaline’ movement is bull; but I don’t think even she would buy Dilution.

  • townparkradio says:

    You know, I like …
    You know, I like Randi as well.. but shut UP already. Once or twice was enough.

    That said, you silly fools, homeopathy is a perfect cure for the condition I came down with earlier this morning. Dehydration, man the water’s memory of other water cleared that right up!

  • konothecook says:

    What if I am …
    What if I am waterlogged?

  • lokicdn says:

    The only benefit …
    The only benefit from homeopathy is the placebo effect.

  • arshsingh1984 says:

    314 thumbs up; 6 …
    314 thumbs up; 6 thumbs down. According to homeopathic logic, this video failed

  • KevJJ888 says:

    This video’s title …
    This video’s title is misleading. “Massive Homeopathic Overdose Cures” may imply it DOES cure.

    Thanks in a large part James Randi (search “James Randi homeopathy” in YouTube for great videos), I’ve known about the BS of homeopathy for some time, though one of my best friends is a homeopathic doctor (an oxymoron?), hence why I checked this video out, but someone who doesn’t view the whole thing may think it is promoting homeopathy. I’m jes sayin’.

  • anOilPainter says:

    Too many camera …
    Too many camera changes- can’t watch to even see if I agree.

  • anOilPainter says:

    Too many camera …
    Too many camera changes- can’t watch to even see if I agree.

  • PureLiberalFire says:

    Why aren’t all the …
    Why aren’t all the makers and sellers of homeopathic drugs in jail for massive fraud??

  • ShortyJDogg says:

    @blobvision ok, …
    @blobvision ok, it’s really first not about this particular video, although ive never even heard of these types of drugs until i saw this penn point, so yea i guess i do, but i asked many people around my area, and no one else knew what they were either. believe it or not not everyone knows about everything.

  • SilencingTheMachine says:

    Part of the problem …
    Part of the problem of homeopathic remedies being as popular as they are is at the fault of the Prince of Whales…no joke. He’s a huge advocate for it and has thrown his weight around in GB to have some policies be nicer to pseudo(alternative) medicine.

  • gvenema says:

    Do I make you Randi …
    Do I make you Randi baby?

  • TheWhocares233 says:

    @drchristoaa please …
    @drchristoaa please die

  • Hawkspire0 says:

    @RottenRroses Cuz …
    @RottenRroses Cuz Penn’s too smart for half of Youtube to understand ;)

  • krypet007 says:

    @drchristoaa yeah, …
    @drchristoaa yeah, right, and another thing, most if not all the water you drink has once been pee, much of it has probably had some kind of horrible virus in it as well.. now go drink that pee water with drugs in it… I bet there’s as much pee as there are helpful things in it..

  • zalmatra says:

    dr christoaa is …
    dr christoaa is apparently getting paid to spread bs…look at his channel and recent comments

  • zalmatra says:

    Dr christoaa is …
    Dr christoaa is apparently getting bad to spead bullshit :P

  • drchristoaa says:

    Homeopathy works …
    Homeopathy works and is the most advanced science of healing, scientists has proved it,(search IIT BOMBAY HOMEOPATHY) and the research paper appeared in PEER reviewed well established journal and the result was published after 4 years of study on nanotechnology and homeopathy by scientists of IIT Bombay.
    This definitely shows that HOMEOPATHY is the MOST ADVANCED science of healing and medicine of present and future.

  • drchristoaa says:

    The researchers …
    The researchers received confirmation of the existence of nanoparticles at two different homeopathic high potencies (30C and 200C) and because they tested four different medicines (Zincum met./zinc; Aurum met. /gold; Stannum met./tin; and Cuprum met./copper), the researchers concluded that this study provides “concrete evidence.”

  • drchristoaa says:

    New research …
    New research conducted at the respected Indian Institutes of Technology has confirmed the presence of “nanoparticles” of the starting materials even at extremely high dilutions of homeopathic medicnes. Researchers have demonstrated by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), electron diffraction and chemical analysis by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES), the presence of physical entities in these extreme dilutions.

  • flowerpt says:

    Randi should be …
    Randi should be careful – several products labeled as ‘homeopathic’ have actually been found to have real drugs in them. They just use the label to get around regulatory barriers. I don’t know how you can prove that the pill in the bottle is really prepared according to the homeopathic dilution. Well, if you take a whole bottle of them and you stop breathing, I guess you can prove that it wasn’t homeopathic.

  • rm06c says:

    I got to meet Randi …
    I got to meet Randi recently. He’s great! Got to see a tiny sneak peek into his next book and got to check out the library. Saw lots of pictures of Feynman, Asimov, and Carl Sagan, but interestingly didn’t see any of Penn and Teller…
    Anyway, Randi’s great and I am definitely planning on buying his next book.

  • 1966Zodiac says:

    @09tranm I agree, I …
    @09tranm I agree, I think he should. That would be nice

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