This is my first English video ever on YouTube! I hope you enjoy it.
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Duration : 0:2:15

25 Responses to “NEW KIND OF DRUGS?!”

  • Leon Köster says:

    He thomas
    Jij bent …

    He thomas
    Jij bent van theaumesgames

  • Aster Froyen says:

    What the ???? …
    What the ???? dit is thomas van “Theaumes” !!!!!!!
    Fuck yeah !!!

  • Quinten Van Aalst says:

    nice video Thomas
    nice video Thomas

  • veertyoina says:

    I found you :) but …
    I found you :) but I don’t just subscribe because it’s your channel but just because I like your video’s and it’s different in english :) but yeah I like it.

  • MichielP1807 says:

    Yeah nog meer …
    Yeah nog meer video’s van Theaumes!!!!
    I don’t care it’s English!

  • justyorisandmilan says:

    Nice vid, i hope …
    Nice vid, i hope you make quick more vid’s(i’m dutch to but i’m going try to speak english)

  • mark200899 says:

    Je engels is goed
    Je engels is goed

  • DSborR says:

    @joelboosman im …
    @joelboosman im learning it right now and im dyslectic sow…

  • MiSaPa1910 says:

    I’am from Holland …
    I’am from Holland and I hope to learn better English from your vids!

  • puckieeluckiee says:

    Mister furpants
    Mister furpants

  • Chiellini26 says:

    Ja tuulk, je bent …
    Ja tuulk, je bent gwn nederlands :p

  • kakapoepoe101 says:

    he should do a …
    he should do a harlem shake.

  • TheTimmyvideos says:

    Je filmpjes zijn …
    Je filmpjes zijn AMAZING

  • xLaLaLolliePop says:

    Gevonden (:
    Gevonden (:

  • mrkoga66 says:

    Haha je bent …
    Haha je bent nederlands ik be fan van je

  • MrMegaman1213 says:

    what is your …
    what is your problem if he wants to say, he says that just … Or if you’re so good english can :/

  • Joël Boosman says:

    it’s channel, not …
    it’s channel, not chanal. Learn english if you want others to comment in english…:/

  • Xerezs says:

    Lol, alleen maar …
    Lol, alleen maar nederlanders, en nederlanders die engels typen

  • Sandro Locci says:


  • Noah Van Dijck says:

    oeps foutje getiept …
    oeps foutje getiept:-( :-\ :’( :-*

  • Noah Van Dijck says:

    gevonden.  …
    gevonden.  stond in de reaksies van minecrafi deel 92

  • XLRaction says:

    but that …

    but that doesn’t mean you gonna comment in dutch because it doesn’t make any sense.
    he also said in his last minecraft video he don’t made this channel for dutch people so please try to comment in english

  • wobelaarlivenl says:

    Really good Thomas …
    Really good Thomas I have very much laughing (sorry ik kan geen engels leuke video man)

  • MrsMyeva says:

    Lol, you’re very …
    Lol, you’re very funny!! My cousin is dutch so I understand your grammar is not perfect. I subscribed!! *Joking, i’m dutch but i have a cousin in England* lovee u

  • depizzagast says:

    your english is by …
    your english is by the way very good! i didn’t expect that from you, are you also gonna upload german/french/spanish videos?

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