News Update: ‘American Idol’ Star Fantasia Barrino hospitalized after medication overdose

0 News Update:  American Idol Star Fantasia Barrino hospitalized after medication overdoseSinger Fantasia Barrino’s family frantically thrust her into a shower to revive her after she attempted suicide by swallowing pills.

In a panicked 911 call, the singer’s manager told the operator that they plunged the “”American Idol”" star into running water to wake her up after she swallowed a bottle of aspirin in her North Carolina home. The operator urged Dickens to tell Barrino’s family to take the 26-year-old singer out of the shower until help arrived.

Paramedics later found Barrino slumped in a closet, reported local television station, WBTV.

Barrino’s father, Joseph, said Wednesday that his daughter was “”doing fine,”" and was set to be released from the hospital soon.

The stunning suicide attempt Monday came in the wake of reports that Barrino had an affair with a married man and broke up his marriage. Sordid details of the affair — including allegations that the pair had filmed several sex tapes — emerged when Paula Cook filed for child custody last week.

Barrino won “”American Idol”" in 2004. Her first single, “”I Believe”" when to number and she has been nominated for seven Grammy awards.

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22 Responses to “News Update: ‘American Idol’ Star Fantasia Barrino hospitalized after medication overdose”

  • amielanquist41 says:

    Great distraction …
    Great distraction and great vide0!! thank u downloadmusic .im

  • jazzscherzo says:

    @BabyGurlMauresha: …
    @BabyGurlMauresha: learn how to write and string a coherent sentence together.

  • BabyGurlMauresha says:

    lyke 4 real u dont …
    lyke 4 real u dont even kno wat she goin & been through u bein real childish and if u dnt lyke her so much y u commentin && searchin ha on the internet she must has ur attention aha u a lil hater ,, !

  • tasiaFANZ says:

    @Jazzcherzo why …
    @Jazzcherzo why must you bring ppl down. I understand you don’t like Fantasia, but why must you focus so much hate towards her and her fans. Trying to convince others not to buy her CD (whack)! Focus on doing something with your life. Regardless what you may think about Fantasia she is still putting out her music, having sold out concerts and most importantly touching others through her music!
    Fantasia is a STAR!! I <3 you Fantasia! Keep your head up!

  • tasiaFANZ says:

    I wish ppl would …
    I wish ppl would think before they speak. Ppl assume that celebrities can’t make mistakes, as if they are immune to failure. Fantasia is a 26 year woman who has dealt with alot throughtout her life. Sometimes she has shined and other times she has not. But she doesn’t need ppl constantly criticizing her every moved. Regardless of what she has done; she’s a great singer and performer and that is what we should acknowledge her for, not the BS! @Shelver92 she is not illiterate, find a DICTIONARY!!!

  • MisterBolder says:

    when did this …
    when did this happend? can someone tell me?
    here in europe they don’t know fantasia. i do!

  • Shelver92 says:

    I feel awful about …
    I feel awful about this! If she was not an illiterate, she could have read the bottles and realized that taking all the pills could do major damage. What a dope!!

  • jazzscherzo says:

    @taiyaboo: Up is …
    @taiyaboo: Up is spelled with one p…. not two RETARD!!!

    No wonder you like Fantasia, just like you she can’t spell or read either. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • taiyaboo says:

    @jazzscherzo shut …
    @jazzscherzo shut the upp

  • jazzscherzo says:

    Fantasia is Ghetto …
    Fantasia is Ghetto and a liar and full of BULLSHIT and she is doing this as a publicity stunt to sell CD’s to revive her failed hoodrat music career!!!


  • lightsummer says:

    what the fuck
    what the fuck

  • msgilliam1474 says:

    I wish that …
    I wish that Fantasia would seperate herself from the hood life. She ruined her chance at stardom on broadway, by not showing up to perform The Color Purple. Oprah was the reason for her getting that opportunity. Next, when you become a star you have to move away from ” keeping it real.” Blacks are the hardest among their own when one person gets a chance to have a better life.” They have a tendacy for adding guilt to make you feel bad. The guy she is seeing isn’t different from female Golddigs.

  • KnuckDaSavage says:

    I think that it was …
    I think that it was a get rich scam they new their marriage was falling apart.. His wife knew that he was already cheating he done it plenty of times before I think but because its now with a woman who has cash she wants to put it on blast.. And who knows he might have told Fantasia was getting a divorce or that he was separated.. But who are w to judge her.. Fantasia get well honey and make another CD cause I love your music.. pick your self up and dust off let God handle it

  • MosaicMaiden says:

    She is not the …
    She is not the first woman to have an affair, last time i looked she is human!
    I love fantasia! sending you strength and power from Sweden!
    I am rooting for you!

  • allstar5609 says:

    i do like fantasia …
    i do like fantasia as wrong as i think she is for what she did with that married man but no one is not perfect we all do make mistakes and i hope she learnd from all this and just as wrong as she is he is wrong to why the wife dont go after her husband all this is to get money out of fantasia all i got to say is fantasia keep your head up and stay strong and stay way from married men .

  • blessed8544 says:

    Fantasia, you have …
    Fantasia, you have come a long way, I hope you grow from this experince, let people talk, the only ones who judge are the ones that don’t have peace within themselves. Dig deep in your soul and turn this into something positive. no one is perfect and alot of people make mistakes, God still loves you and you have alot of fans who love you as well. I wish you peace, good health, much love, success and prosperity. Take your time to heal, then come back bigger and better. Love You Much.

  • blessed8544 says:

    I hope Fantasia has …
    I hope Fantasia has a full recovery, stronger, healthier and happier. May God fully bless you Fantasia, look at Tina Turner, she made it, you can too.

  • foxxd2000 says:

    Fantasia was set up …
    Fantasia was set up! I believe The Cooks agreed to affair after immediately realizing they had an opportunity to financially gain from a highschool dropout w/ the reading level of a 3rd grader that reached success based on talent . Fantasia isn’t the prettiest female in the industry, but I don’t believe she would have to consort to be with an avg married man. She has the resources to have a casting call of eligible single men that fit the profile she is looking for. The Cooks should go to jail.

  • Nanadsyl says:

    Put her in the …
    Put her in the shower then the closet. Poor Fantasia. Her family is just ignorant as we saw from the show. Get well soon Tasia and please get some mental help.

  • DowJonesTheory says:

    So, she can’t go …
    So, she can’t go back her old life ? The new life being rich means nothing to her. Tough luck …

  • tinsiltown says:

    Everybody makes …
    Everybody makes mistakes. He that is without sin let him cast the first stone. We still love you Fantasia!!!!

  • GrlzRg00d2 says:

    dang dang dang!! …
    dang dang dang!! Why fantasia you are 1 of the best singers,why ruin your life like that.

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