Overdose (Preview)

0 Overdose (Preview)Just a preview…. My channel needs to hit 500 subs before I finish it icon biggrin Overdose (Preview) Please help me out !!!!!
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14 Responses to “Overdose (Preview)”

  • Jonathan Carter says:

    wait.. you made …
    wait.. you made this? beat, production and all??

  • TheSMG420 says:

    This is nice man
    This is nice man

  • letmehaveachannelnig says:

    Not bad. I’m …
    Not bad. I’m entertained.

  • MylesMuzikRM says:

    Thanks man :)
    Thanks man :)

  • eric martinez says:

    Can’t wait till the …
    Can’t wait till the full version comes out def downloading this on my phone bro keep it up fam.. I like it(:

  • MylesMuzikRM says:

    :D Thank you !
    :D Thank you !

  • jenkinson matthews says:

    Don’t listen to him …
    Don’t listen to him brother keep working you know what kind of music you wanna make which is more than most

  • IloveRobertPattiable says:

    I can`t wait to …
    I can`t wait to hear the full version!

  • MylesMuzikRM says:

    500 Subs bro :)
    500 Subs bro :) lol, I can’t wait to make it

  • Stephen Correa says:

    Cant wait to hear …
    Cant wait to hear it.

  • MylesMuzikRM says:


  • IRISHgamerKAIN Kain'sGaming says:

    Bet this dude …
    Bet this dude listens to country. You don’t know about music bro. This is the kind of music in the club that makes girls want to and you got the face that makes girls want to hurl. Heard some of the music jorge guevara put out. It’s just really covers of other peoples songs sung in Spanish. Sounds like the music they play when Time Warner puts me on hold. This guy writes and produces his own songs and he’s only 15 and it’s only going to get better for him.

  • MylesMuzikRM says:

    Lol, okay buddy :D
    Lol, okay buddy :D I hope you go deaf

  • Jorge Guevara says:

    Worst piece of …
    Worst piece of I ever heard u should quit! This made my ears bleed!

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