Praying for Melia’s Recovery

0 Praying for Melias RecoveryIt is a long road to recovery after surviving a drug overdose. Far too many families are experiencing the devastating emotional and financial burden that follows such a tragic event. Prescription drug abuse is a growing epidemic and our youth are falling prey to deadly addicting medications that are being touted as “the greatest high”.
The trouble is, kids don’t realize the side effect of these addictive pills is brain injury or death.
Our heartfelt thanks go to the entire staff at Wilcox hospital who were so wonderful and caring for Melia through her most critical stages. We also thank the dear friends who volunteered their time to help Melia through some very intense times. Also we extend our gratitude to each person involved with her treatment on Oahu.

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7 Responses to “Praying for Melia’s Recovery”

  • thehurthealer says:


  • AFcunningham says:

    I had an overdose …
    I had an overdose of prescription drugs alcohol and over the counter drugs mixed together ,and haven’t been the same since (in a bad way). prescription psychiatric drugs are fairly safe when taken as prescribed, but all I have to say is be careful when mixing them or taking them in a way not prescribed in higher amounts. Tell your doctor if they’re not working before you decide to take them in higher amounts. the overdose as well as previous drug abuse cost me much happiness and my personality.

  • 3timesfart says:

    Stay Strong Melia! …
    Stay Strong Melia!!! You’ve already come so far! Stay Positive and keep up the good work! xoxox Lisa and Vanessa

  • kunkymonkey says:

    I am a recovering …
    I am a recovering addict with over six months clean and sober and I am so lucky that something like this didnt happen to me. I was mixing narcotic pain killers, xanax, and alcohol daily. I was using a little more each time as I could never achieve my desired buzz. One day I had enough, quit cold turkey, flushed everything down the toilet and started to attend NA. I love life clean, and wish I wouldve done it long ago. Im am so sorry that this happened may god help her in her recovery

  • mommymentors says:

    LOVE TO MELIA, in …
    LOVE TO MELIA, in all our thoughts and prayers daily

  • HIVisaLIE says:

    POWERFUL HEALING HELP at howardWills dt com
    Best wishes

  • Jj Vel says:

    That smile on her …
    That smile on her face is worth a million recoveries. Lost my big bro to addiction…. part of me died with him…

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