Ray – 10-50 Freestyle | Ago Vita (Spring 2013) | @RaysThatNigga

0 Ray   10 50 Freestyle | Ago Vita (Spring 2013) | @RaysThatNiggaDL Link – http://www.mediafire.com/?0u6a5vsjz4vxet4
10-50 Freestyle, 10-50 Is What Some Police Officers Use as code to say [ Under The Influence Of Drugs ]
Ray’s Mixtape ” Ago Vita ” Drops 2-21-13!!! Follow Me On Twitter! @RaysThatNigga
Verse 1
Oh Shit, Whered my marbles go? Drugs got a young nigga thinking he bout to Overdose. 5-0 Tryna get us so im always stayin low. Banging Hoes, Snortin White Bitch, That is Righteous! And She always down to go, Her Panties on the floor. Yeah that girl know, How to work it on the pole. Im Stressin, Private session, Shes Undressin, Thats obsession, Thats opression, from the drug. I dont know maybe this could be love…

Verse 2:
Let My Mind Be Free! This Entity Is Telling Me, Take these drugs… and youll have serenity. Can’t tell if he’s an ally or an enemy, but I sure do know hes helping me capture my dreams. Always In a Different Mindstate… Dont worry bout me nigga, Im Great… People always saying I got a f***ing problem, I promise ima solve em, once theres no drank left at the bottom, of this bottle..

Duration : 0:1:11

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