Rescue 911-Episode 409 “Sealant Overdose (Part 1 of 2)”

0 Rescue 911 Episode 409 Sealant Overdose (Part 1 of 2)A teen collapses after huffing Scotch guard. This segment of episode 409 aired on December 8, 1992 on CBS.

Duration : 0:5:25

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25 Responses to “Rescue 911-Episode 409 “Sealant Overdose (Part 1 of 2)””

  • strawberrykiwi024 says:

    i was 4 days old …
    i was 4 days old when this happend

  • aashishpadiyar says:

    these guys tried to …
    these guys tried to act coll as a result..

  • MyPinky2003 says:

    Hey BeatleMoe Do …
    Hey BeatleMoe Do You Have The Hugo Storm?

  • Cutekitty953 says:

    If i was in that …
    If i was in that situation at school when I woke up I would be totally embarassed

  • jessanexx says:

    @idgaf6341 It …
    @idgaf6341 It stands for Drug Awareness Resistance Education. It’s taught in schools usually by a police officer. They try all they can to get kids to steer away from drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, teens are too naive and think nothing will happen to them and then something like this occurs.

  • ktpen112297 says:

    2 people disliked …
    2 people disliked it they are the people that did the drugs

  • webkinz102938 says:

    @idgaf6341 D.A.R.E …
    @idgaf6341 D.A.R.E stands for something that has to do with drugs i forgot lol, but we were taught not to drugs in ‘DARE’ class, i was in 5th grade when were learned it

  • idgaf6341 says:

    whats D.A.R.E??
    whats D.A.R.E??

  • vickiormindyb says:

    @engine173351 It’s …
    @engine173351 It’s too bad they don’t have more of it. The cops where I work in EMS are so stupid it’s not even funny.

  • Docthal010 says:

    @vickiormindyb No …
    @vickiormindyb No D.A.R.E doesn’t work PERIOD because its built on lies
    instead of telling kids the truth about drugs and let them make chooses based on real facts they feed them a bunch of scare tactics and misinformation . We wouldn’t have kids getting high on glue and duster and all that crap if they didn’t make such a big deal out of drugs like weed.

  • mjewell122 says:

    Sadly this should …
    Sadly this should happen in front of the entire school more often so the kids will see first hand what drugs and huffing will do. Show them its all fun until someone DIES and that they are not Immortal!!

  • vickiormindyb says:

    DARE will only work …
    DARE will only work if the person isn’t a true addict, and that’s all I’m saying about the issue.
    Too many people are ignorant when it comes to what an addict really is, and lots of them work in both law enforcement and health care.
    I work in health care, and I’ve seen it repeatedly.

  • minibike11110 says:

    @RaptorLuv it was …
    @RaptorLuv it was taught at my school and ive never done drugs in my life

  • wrestleingdiva says:

    dumb kids everyone …
    dumb kids everyone has their own brain why give into peer presure a yeah everyones huffin let me huff dumb bitches

  • Nickochsner says:

    D.A.R.E. dosen’t …
    D.A.R.E. dosen’t work, my step brother took it and still got hypt up on weed

  • engine173351 says:

    Law enforcement- …
    Law enforcement-based EMS is somewhat unique.

  • DorvellTStewart says:


  • arohn2007 says:

    It stands for Drug …
    It stands for Drug abuse resistance education

  • RaptorLuv says:

    @DDandHLB drugs …
    @DDandHLB drugs resistance abuse education

  • DDandHLB says:

    @RaptorLuv yeah i …
    @RaptorLuv yeah i was never really taught lol

  • RaptorLuv says:

    @DDandHLB wow …
    @DDandHLB wow serious? lol

  • DDandHLB says:

    @RaptorLuv whats …
    @RaptorLuv whats D.A.R.E mean?

  • ash3227 says:

    @Emilinepinkie it’s …
    @Emilinepinkie it’s called a reinactment stupid.

  • MrPman851 says:

    This story is the …
    This story is the best reason WHY I took the D.A.R.E. class in 5th grade nearly 14 years ago.

  • sweetlife031 says:

    Brad Kaye, the …
    Brad Kaye, the victim in 520 evidently did not watch this segment :S
    Greg was extremely lucky he survived!

    “It just semed like…no big deal.”
    Ummm…you wouldn’t say that if YOU were the victim!

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