Top 10: Celebrity Suicides

0 Top 10: Celebrity SuicidesAbove all, may the people on this list rest in peace.. This top 10 is in no specific order. Drug overdoses do not count on this list. Music was free at:

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  • wannagethigh18 says:

    He comes out in …
    He comes out in the movie IT

  • dudewhyfi says:

    also I just wanted …
    also I just wanted to say that it really is insane how Thompson hadn’t already died by the time he committed suicide at 67, reading about the amount of alcohol he chronically consumed in addition to the plethora of uppers, downers and psychedelics he went through at his peak as a younger man, he just clearly had a body which kept on going, and going strong and aware for what it’s worth, well past what most ppl’s systems can simply tolerate..

  • dudewhyfi says:

    surprised not to …
    surprised not to see Ernest Hemingway, he’d be more historically famous than anyone on here, and he’s more recent than the Brazilian guy..and I think most ppl would put Cobain at 1 although Thompson definitely deserves about a literary suicide note, going out with a veritable bang eh

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