Where is overdose round 6 montage?

0 Where is overdose round 6 montage?I’ll make it eventually before I graduate from high school. Hopefully sooner than later but I can’t promise anything(besides getting it in before high school). Probably going to take over 100 hours of recording for the montage lmao.

Duration : 0:3:41

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  • Kateri Qiu says:

    actually im gonna …
    actually im gonna gift u speed gear and mut

  • Kateri Qiu says:

    hope u like …
    hope u like striker mut

  • Kateri Qiu says:

    no need to feel bad …
    no need to feel bad LOL :P

  • Kateri Qiu says:

    stiff don’t worry I …
    stiff don’t worry I still have nx for my self xD

  • Kateri Qiu says:

    and I love ur …
    and I love ur montages ans epsisodes also tutorial they r funny :P :D |

  • Kateri Qiu says:

    hey stiff im …
    hey stiff im superstoper1 the that stalked u LOL im not a girl im just browwing my sisters oh yeah im gonna gift u striker mut 30 days so plz espond

  • Philip Tecza says:

    stiff the answers …
    stiff the answers simple.this is your channel.theyre your montages. do as u wish.people liked all 5 of your overdose montages,ur SD and JF montages before we ever heard you on your channel. It’s because you know whats best for your own montages. Do what u feel is best. good luck -KLORINUS-

  • 2Paqs says:

    You’ve got over …
    You’ve got over 510k views on your channel, more than any montage will get you lol

  • StiffTheNinja says:

    it’s more like i …
    it’s more like i need to force myself to do it because it’s something i feel like i gotta do, it’s a goal. i do appreciate ur support though, thanks :)

  • cmobbCA says:


  • TimIsTimForLife says:

    Well, don’t feel …
    Well, don’t feel rushed or forced to. If you don’t have enough time, then it is fine. Just do whatever you want, post random gameplays if you favor it. We’re just taking this for granted. Good luck!

  • william bruno says:

    -StiffNinja- Qual …
    -StiffNinja- Qual Configuraçao Do Seu PC e Do Seu C.A?

  • slofreekick13 says:

    u can do it in EU …
    u can do it in EU too ;) its not so hard ..

  • ifuseeitudd1 says:

    It feels like you …
    It feels like you don’t put efforts in the montage, like you are doing it becuase you have to do it.
    Try to put 2-3 runs in the montage, each run won’t be longer than 30 seconds, otherwise it’s just boring to watch.
    Before you start nading show a bit of running, then show the accload\nade trick.
    Good luck recording the montage, and the most important thing, enjoy it!

  • רועי אשכנזי says:

    M00nsta i think you …
    M00nsta i think you are stupid because i did it x).
    BTW im from my Galaxy S and i couldnt answer to your comment..

  • רועי אשכנזי says:

    Stiff, according to …
    Stiff, according to my opinion, you should put on your montage 2 freeruns which each one will be 0:30-1:00 seconds and about 4:00 minutes nading parts. I hope that I’ll see it soon!

  • felix ledesma says:

    Stiff i am sorry …
    Stiff i am sorry but i didn’t listen to anything you said because i was so focused in your amazing running skill :)

  • M00nstaEU says:

    wait wait .. this …
    wait wait .. this nade shifting aint work in ca eu ? or im just to stupid to done it ? :O btw. i watched your tutorial about it

  • Blau Punkt says:

    Stiff, I love your …
    Stiff, I love your freerunning<3
    You are the god of CA Quarantine Regen :)

  • controler397 says:

    My Name Oguzhan124 …
    My Name Oguzhan124 ca eu

  • טל פרידמן says:

    wow your Best run …
    wow your Best run on your channel it’s in the laest min

  • Sam Jansen says:


  • Justifies CA says:

    Round 3 style is …
    Round 3 style is beast

  • OneTrixFre BR says:

    NICE BY -OneTrixFre …
    NICE BY -OneTrixFre- Clan QuarGeneration :)

  • Dion Liu says:

    Stiff we dont give …
    Stiff we dont give a shit, whatever u make, we love.

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