VVSD Veterans Rehabilitation Center

0 VVSD Veterans Rehabilitation CenterTour of VVSD’s Veterans Rehabilitation (VRC) for homeless veterans with substance abuse issues. The center for males and females is unlike any other in the country. Veterans Affairs officials have stated that VVSD is the “gold standard in the treatment of homeless veterans.”

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  • Gregory Gilmont says:

    Ohh My they showed …
    Ohh My they showed My room >> upstairs second shot lower bunk >>we had decorating style >> Miss my VVSD friends and you Phil Landis > I am going to come in and see you all this week

  • Tom Mitchell says:

    Thank you for all …
    Thank you for all you d for our veterans. A very worthwhile non-profit that I will donate to. Thanks again!

  • KamikazeKoscki says:


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