Accidents, speed, dui, drug montage with REM everbody hurts 2009 TAC commercial

0 Accidents, speed, dui, drug montage with REM everbody hurts 2009 TAC commercialaccidents, injury and death and how it affects loved ones Drive Safely. Don’t drink and drive. Everybody hurts by REM

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23 Responses to “Accidents, speed, dui, drug montage with REM everbody hurts 2009 TAC commercial”

  • Nursy101 says:

    My History teacher …
    My History teacher showed the class this today. I have to honestly say, I have never felt so… emotional in class before. It just goes to show you what little descisions like this can do. I think everyone in the class was touched in their own ways.

  • TheJackattack54 says:

    i cant watch this …
    i cant watch this all the way through

  • 200357846 says:

    I like the fact …
    I like the fact that this commercial also shows speeding, drugs, and other issues that affect driving safety. Yes…alcohol is a big one but not the only one.

  • juliank4 says:

    look i can drive …
    look i can drive whit out hands!!!!!!!!!!!
    shit a dame truck

  • chetumalkid says:

    @BlackFeline99 …
    @BlackFeline99 ThereĀ“s a program called RealPlayer Downloader with which you can download the video to your computer and then burn it on a dvd, not a cd.

  • reaperman2010 says:

    @gabegr33n10 I …
    @gabegr33n10 I think he was looking for a reaction by being offensive. I just flagged him for spam.

  • JustDandelionFluff says:

    whats the name of …
    whats the name of the ad at 2:35?

  • whkiller says:

    This song was …
    This song was written just for this “anti-drinking video”
    I slow down when this tune hits the radio…

  • gabegr33n10 says:

    @kvnborkowski your …
    @kvnborkowski your a douche bag. hope this happens to you, you piece of shit. you have no reason for living if your gonna make fun of that video. cocaine is fun yes, cops do lick but your retarded

  • kvnborkowski says:

    I like to stab …
    I like to stab babies while snorting cocaine, drinking, and shooting at the police. then I get in my car and yell this video, the world and the police. peace shitheads

  • TheBrendawalsh011 says:

    i just lost my …
    i just lost my license for 6 months for speeding… never again. bout time i started growing up hey!

  • TbonePMC says:

    I’m an experienced …
    I’m an experienced cop of 13 years, and I can’t watch this without getting tears in my eyes. Perhaps too many bad experiences of my own come to surface. Please think before you get behind the wheel.

  • wilsonrokr says:

    yeah man… its not …
    yeah man… its not cool

  • juliank4 says:

    look i can drive …
    look i can drive whit out hands!!!!!!!!!!!
    shit a dame truck

  • KurtLaHarris says:

    All the driver …
    All the driver safety talks and things they showed us in school did nothing compared to what watching this video has done. it brought tears to my eyes, and it has certainly made me think twice about the responsibilty of the person behind the wheel

  • gaaraandsasukeluver says:

    @paulypoo66 good …
    @paulypoo66 good plan

  • paulypoo66 says:

    This should play at …
    This should play at half time during a Super Bowl

  • BlackFeline99 says:

    Is there a way to …
    Is there a way to download this video to a cd?

  • X21MattX22 says:

    @CryptoDriver i …
    @CryptoDriver i agree 100%

  • smallplasticman says:


    Alcoholism is a disease first, and in a socially responsible society, it should be treated as such. True, penalties should be high, and the right punishment handed down for the crime.

  • aretiredguy says:

    As a retired cop …
    As a retired cop with 35 years service this brought a tear to my eyes. I was also a Breathalyzer Technician for 8 years and interviewed and tested over a thousand drivers , some who were involved in fatal and near fatal accidents. When I retired it still seems that people are not getting the message. The Canadian Courts treat it like a Social rather than Criminal. That must stop.

  • MrSoccerstar360 says:

    this is a sad as …
    this is a sad as clip

  • CryptoDriver says:

    Should be required …
    Should be required viewing prior to getting a license.

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