Australian DUI Commercial

0 Australian DUI CommercialMUST WATCH

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17 Responses to “Australian DUI Commercial”

  • Sopez1 says:


    I love …

    I love it when people like you ruin American name by acting like tools.
    Now since your not very smart I explain a few things. This is a commercial made in Victoria by the TAC. Now this commercial is new, but the footage is from other ads made in the 90s and the 00s.
    Anyway you want are calling the Victorian government racist for making these ads when in fact 15 of the 60 members of parliament where born outside of USA, UK and Australia. Yet Victoria is racist. Don’t ruin USA.

  • Sopez1 says:


    It’s …

    It’s called capitalism.

  • upyerrzzz says:

    @Sopez1 Ahh, yes, …
    @Sopez1 Ahh, yes, and morons like you, if this commercial were a positive one, would complain that there wasn’t enough diversity in it. Of course, it’s a negative one, so an all white, male cast is completely fine. YOU grow up and open your eyes once in a while.

  • Sopez1 says:

    TAC. Same video, …
    TAC. Same video, but official release with music.


  • Sopez1 says:



    Considering the majority of Australia is white it would result in the majority actors being white.
    Also considering males are more likely to die it would make more sense to have more male actors.
    What really annoys me is how childish people like yourself go on attacking government agencies of being political correct and then make hints that racism is behind it. Grow up please.

  • upyerrzzz says:

    Very effective, but …
    Very effective, but it seems that there’s only white males seen here drinking and driving. Hmm, a bit racist and sexist if you ask me. Everybody hurts? Yes, and every color and both sexes drink and drive. I guess the politically correct media wins again. Ugh.

  • kennyg135 says:

    I think that this …
    I think that this is one commercial that should be played throughout the world!! Maybe it will help people to stop and think before they get behind the wheel. The sound needs to be put back on this commercial so you can have the full effect of it!

  • darksoul915 says:

    I am a dui …
    I am a dui instructor and i wish we had this shown here in the states. I have shown this to my clients and what an impact, there was a few who thought it was “too graphic” I disagree. we need this type of commericals here in the states.

  • moondy11 says:

    just watch the ‘TAC …
    just watch the ‘TAC Campaign’ it has the rights to the song.

    without the song it loses its impact.

  • jester0646 says:

    Holy Shit!!! That …
    Holy Shit!!! That is definitely a DUI video that should be shown all over the US. That was intense!

  • suze816 says:

    That should air …
    That should air here in the USA, too….on ALL channels.

  • Seattlecarnut says:

    @CeltieMaid I …
    @CeltieMaid I totally agree. As depressing as it is (I cried when I first watched this video), people still need to see it and hear it.

  • y2kize says:

    we need these Canada
    we need these Canada

  • upajos says:

    Those lawyers seem …
    Those lawyers seem to have a strange notion about “public service announcements”. Not much of a public service if one strips out half the information by disabling the audio track. Shakespeare had it about right: “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” (Henry VI, Part 2)

  • iAmirx says:

    Seems like …
    Seems like copyright holders give more a about their income than about this campaign and human lives.

  • iLLeLogicaL says:

    reupload please, …
    reupload please, copyright holders be the vibe

  • CeltieMaid says:

    This should be …
    This should be authorized by all the copyright holders!!! Get with it people! This is a very powerful message and should be seen and heard!!!

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