DUI Checkpoints Being Used to Seize Property WAKE UP!

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25 Responses to “DUI Checkpoints Being Used to Seize Property WAKE UP!”

  • TacticalSoleSurvivor says:

    I think the DUI …
    I think the DUI checkpoints are unconstitutional! However, if you are driving without insurance then you should get jacked up, your taken, fined and put on the streets to walk home. I am sick of paying for my insurance including uninsured motorist insurance because of dead beats that hit me without insurance. If they want to hit people and not give a shit. I don’t give a about them.

  • manaloko says:

    DUI stands for …
    DUI stands for driving UN-insured too, Its very oppressive and really sucks a bag o’ dicks. Get ready for the national ID card. We have a major malfunction in the system,. I suggest we pull the plug a wait 30 sec. If it were only that simple. those folks that turned around would have been followed,pulled over if that were here in Tucson 100% overkill protocol would’ve ins sued. I heart the POLICE STATE! p.s. along with ins, ID and reg. keep a copy of gun rights,constitution, bill of rights

  • timplot43 says:


  • videolover61 says:

    See the cars …
    See the cars backing up? A cop should have yelled: “Hey stop! Stop the car, get out, and get on the fuckin’ groundf!!!! LOL

  • michelb08 says:

    they follow their …
    they follow their masters …they (those ignorant brainwashed cops) dont care about you other then get their paycheck end of the month. U kicked on the street lost everything and they there to kick you ‘off’ the street again. They (those low end brain dozed cops) are not to protect you. When will u understand, they (those uniform robotic zombie cops) are part of the deal scam! Ignore them they are not human “anymore” …..

  • chadberry75 says:

    no officer..just a …
    no officer..just a couple of illegals in the back..o.k. u r good 2 go..thanks officer.

  • 958933 says:

    @george4title no …
    @george4title no need to act surprised, george. even if you are not that type of guy, we still love you MUCHO

  • owenaero says:

    and ppl wonder why …
    and ppl wonder why cops get shot?

  • scopulus93 says:

    @videolover61 I …
    @videolover61 I would have to.They are wasting MY time.I would have been like see ya to.I have seen to much going on.This is a violation of MY freedom as well as yours.Let alone… we all know its about the money and not your safety.Open your eyes.

  • wasteoftimer says:

    Traffic tickets are …
    Traffic tickets are a scam also. I paid big money recently for a minor offense. It is extortion not fines.

  • jackkoo1234 says:

    no, the US Supreme …
    no, the US Supreme Court has held that DUI checkpoints are constitutional.

  • TheGrayman1234 says:

    Papers please!!! We …
    Papers please!!! We are living in a paper ID society. Have your paperwork ready or suffer the consequences. Welcome to the NWO.

  • BornPatriot says:


  • mrmilleniumproof says:

    In the past they …
    In the past they would just ask if your drinking and ascertain that you were sober. Not its tags and insurance. Incremental is the way they really are going.

  • starlitopensky1 says:

    People were backing …
    People were backing up from the checkpoint. I understand why.


    These are popping …
    These are popping up EVERYWHERE! Be safe people. Law Enforcement is taking advantage of their badges.


    @DJJunkfoodJay F …
    @DJJunkfoodJay F Yeah!

  • LaneMaddox00 says:

    Serve and protect …
    Serve and protect my ass


    @CJFRESHMAKER My Extended comment: This is truly frightening. Instead of “Papers Please”, it’s “Lisence and Registration Please” when will we Rise Up? They will keep taking our freedoms away as long as we are giving them away willfully.

  • glazierEd says:

    I don’t understand …
    I don’t understand having to re-Register a vehicle ever. Once the information is given to the department of motor vehicles, its there in the system. Now if you change address you should inform them, but after you register your vehicle, the subsequent times is just taxation.

  • powergirl901 says:

    These days I would …
    These days I would guess that 75% of drivers now don’t have insurance. Even during the bubble years, a large percentage of drivers just couldn’t afford car insurance.

  • snake13x says:


  • popomp1 says:

    @krazykobe8 …
    @krazykobe8 actually insurance use to be something you got to protect yourself — you had the right to sue someone if they hit your car afterward but — insurance was not something you had to have

  • johnu78 says:

    AshkeNazi Germany?
    AshkeNazi Germany?

  • BookofNick says:

    @glazierEd It’s …
    @glazierEd It’s taxation to begin with, good point.

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