Jack Swagger Arrested For Weed and DUI?!

0 Jack Swagger Arrested For Weed and DUI?!Giving my thoughts on Jack Swagger getting arrested for DUI and possession of Marijuana.

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  • boru25 says:

    I forgot Swagger …
    I forgot Swagger was in Coles side.

  • jesselee121 says:

    The best stuff is …
    The best stuff is made here in America tho… South American is brick weed. Just illegal because of the amount of money they generate from arresting people for it.

  • robert shelton says:

    “weed the people”
    “weed the people”

  • TheMTOmarReviews says:

    HA! Kaitlyn was …
    HA! Kaitlyn was arrested for not paying an old ticket. YOU FAIL AGAIN!

    Weed is an automatic 30-day suspension (evan bourne, r-truth, orton) they even suspended RVD while he was WWE champion for getting caught with weed. Thwagger isn’t that valuable. They could suspend him now, have Zed Cultor do all the promo work, and have him back in time for Mania to get squashed by Del Rio in 5 seconds.

  • TheChrisPhoenix says:


  • Dalyxman says:

    Well, time will …
    Well, time will tell. If he manages to keep this run alive, then he is one lucky bastard. If it does hurt him, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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