Motorstorm Pacific Rift – Splitscreen DUI’s Part 2 LOL – Full Race + Free Run At End – HD

0 Motorstorm Pacific Rift   Splitscreen DUIs Part 2 LOL   Full Race + Free Run At End   HDMe and my Wife were playing under the influence, crash after crash lol, enjoy!

The second MotorStorm game (also known as MotorStorm 2 in Japan) was released on 28 October 2008 in North America and 7 November 2008 in Europe. The game has sold over one million copies as of 9 December 2008. The game takes place in a lush, volcanic island, much like from the first game’s Monument Valley.

There are 8 vehicle classes to drive, including the Monster truck, for the first time. The Monster truck can handle any terrain, just like the Mud Plugger vehicles. The Monster truck is not only surprisingly fast, it is also considered to be deadly, since it can run over any vehicles on sight, including other Monster Trucks and Big Rigs. It is, however, still very vulnerable against Big Rigs, since Monster Trucks have the tendency to roll over.

A screenshot of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, depicting three cars wrecked during a race.
The “cooldown” technique is a new addition to MotorStorm, by driving through ponds, rivers and beaches. While this helps cool down the vehicles’ boost temperature quicker, light vehicles will have a problem with speed reducing due to driving around any wet areas around any terrain. Another new feature are lava pools (lava bombs in the Adrenaline pack), which heats up the car’s temperature boost quicker if discharging boost. The vehicle can instantaneously explode of overboosting on heated surfaces. Lava bombs can pose as a dangerous threat, because slamming head on will cause the vehicle to explode, even when driving over through a small lava bomb. Another new feature in the series is the ability to “ram” opponents’ vehicles, although this would only work for vehicles that are not Bikes or ATVs.

Speed events are firstly introduced in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, where players must pass through checkpoints before the time runs out. Players can also select Drivers, firstly introduced, allowing users to no longer rely on vehicles, depending on driver’s gender within each vehicle.

Photo Mode can be taken while racing, and can be exported to the PlayStation 3′s HDD and can be used as wallpaper. Another new addition are known as the use of custom soundtracks that can be played via XMB.

Duration : 0:8:43

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