Wax “Two Wheels” Live Acoustic

0 Wax Two Wheels Live AcousticA huge thanks to everyone that came out to the shows!

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Duration : 0:3:55

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25 Responses to “Wax “Two Wheels” Live Acoustic”

  • MrFernet07 says:

    @abbyman10 Yes it …
    @abbyman10 Yes it is just you! Because in the beginning the videos shows the different locations where the videos were filmed … Please go to school

  • alex49127 says:

    when are you …
    when are you comeing to l.a and where

  • alex49127 says:

    when are you …
    when are you comeing to l.a

  • PIXIED121 says:

    i think i watched …
    i think i watched it more than 51,344 theres something wrong with the counter

  • Noodleduudle says:

    Hat appears then …
    Hat appears then dissapears.

  • thatswhathesaid147 says:

    you have to come to …
    you have to come to g.a.

  • ssparkky19 says:

    your music has …
    your music has inspired me since the first time i heard it, you are among the most refreshing and creative voices in the rap world, imo. but i gotta be real, i don’t like this song man. maybe i’m not understanding it the same way, not sure. One of my friends died driving drunk. He lost his liscense, yeah, but he also lost his life.

  • Dekationz says:

    newsublime wax and …
    newsublime wax and herbalt till death

  • arianatrin says:

    00:13 and 00:16
    00:13 and 00:16

  • TheRealist says:

    Yo Wax, I don’t …
    Yo Wax, I don’t even drink but I dig this song, mad catchy haha.

  • timsbaker1 says:

    Who spotted the guy …
    Who spotted the guy sticking the middle finger

  • Felnuts says:

    so long 2:55
    so long 2:55

  • BrennanGlynn says:

    2:55 those are not …
    2:55 those are not the lyrics people hahaha

  • BaddieT1994 says:

    @timsbaker1 He …
    @timsbaker1 He thought it was the bit where it says “I don’t give a about a DUI”

  • MrMatz45 says:

    @imDan11l I’m from …
    @imDan11l I’m from Belgium so yeah.. don’t care about those people..

  • imDan11l says:

    @MrMatz45 No …
    @MrMatz45 No way. That’s like saying McCain and Palin were a good pick by the Republicans…

  • Samanthac24 says:

    This is better than …
    This is better than the studio one.

  • weemann45 says:

    @Bigstupidgiant nah …
    @Bigstupidgiant nah, maybe this one song but sublime had more of that reggae touch.

  • Samanthac24 says:

    I don’t give a …
    I don’t give a about -…. the day I die.. oops.

  • funfunprod69 says:

    he looks so baked . …
    he looks so baked ….

  • DArKj0k3r16 says:

    Good song dude!!
    Good song dude!!

  • TheBlazingHead says:

    If you like when …
    If you like when wax does his acoustic sets. Then go check out the ‘Wax and the acoustic guitar” page on Facebook. Maybe if a ton of people click liked. Wax will do a straight acoustic album.

  • TheBlazingHead says:

    @TheBlazingHead 3 …
    @TheBlazingHead 3 weeks later and I’m still rocking the scrublife mix tape :)

  • adrian2004tgm says:

    His kind of rap …
    His kind of rap just flows so naturally, excellent shizz man. Keet it up!

  • xXPlayer2 says:

    2:53 knowing your …
    2:53 knowing your lyrics fail

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