Andru Donalds – Promise Of An Ecstasy

0 Andru Donalds   Promise Of An EcstasyTaken from the new album “Trouble In Paradise” out the 15th of April, 2011.
Recorded&performed with 4 Top European musicians:
• Klaus Bittner – guitars
• Florian Sitzmann – keys
• Markus Born – bass
• Ralf Gustke – drums
• Andru Donalds – vocals

Duration : 0:4:24

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  • Marie Janeckova says:



  • Andrey Skripkin says:

    Это самый лучший …
    Это самый лучший голос планеты!

  • AleksDreamer says:

    Through your eyes a …
    Through your eyes a strange new world іs taking shape
    The essence of a fragrance of a feeling that was dead
    Images taken form behind, a mist that was my shroud
    A flicker of a memory reveals inside my head

    The shadow of a memory, a dream I used to know
    The mists of a long forgotten melody that haunt the air
    My body strains to hear, to see, to taste, to feel, to touch
    The echoes of a love song, I’ve forgotten how to hear

  • AleksDreamer says:

    The promise of an …
    The promise of an ecstasy
    Consumes me in the night
    My body strains to take it in,
    To drink in it,
    To drown within
    The promise of an ecstasy
    Consumes me in the night

    (A Donalds/K Lampert/R Gustke/F Sitzmann/K Bittner/M Born)

  • stan7766 says:

    я его обожаю!!!!!! …
    я его обожаю!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 09belara says:

    OMG ANDRU U ARE THE BEST THANKS FOR POSTING ON MY acct! Love love all your music! Peace, Love& Music!!!!!!

  • 09belara says:

    OMG ANDRU  U ARE THE BEST THANKS FOR POSTING ON MY acct! Love love all your music!

  • HotaruGackt says:

    his voice is great! …
    his voice is great!
    thank you for this video

  • Виктор Устенко says:

    Thank you Andru for …
    Thank you Andru for your music!

  • Andru Donalds says:

    Hey, this …

    Hey, this is Andru Donalds!!
    Welcome to my official channel, I’d like to share with you my latest music !!!!
    Peace, love & music !!
    Your Andru

  • MiyusStalker says:

    awesome acoustic …
    awesome acoustic guitar playing! love it !

  • Anna Budzyńska says:

    Nice song :)
    Nice song :)

  • SuperStarinthesky says:

    Klaus Bittner is a …
    Klaus Bittner is a very great guitar player,…=)

  • Fernando Marroig says:

    Andru Donalds i …
    Andru Donalds i love you !!!!

  • 09belara says:

    Andru – you the …
    Andru – you the Best!!!!!

  • nacochi10 says:

    Just a wonderful …
    Just a wonderful voice !!! 5 stars.

  • Zen Fox says:

    oversimplistic …
    oversimplistic arrangement, cliche melody …. just so boring …. Where is the Andru of Mishale’s album? … that album is just a piece of artwork ….

  • nhatgr says:

    Vamos ajudar a …
    Vamos ajudar a divulgar o trabalho dele! Tem comunidade brasileira no Orkut! Ele canta de forma incomum, lindo demais…

  • AlainBlackthorne says:

    eu sou fã desse kra …
    eu sou fã desse kra, se ele cantasse atirei o pau no gato eu ouviria o dia inteiro kkk

  • masquesandmirrors says:

    Soft, gentle and …
    Soft, gentle and relaxing after a long day.

  • eksticky says:


  • elmasguapisimo says:

    a que disco de …
    a que disco de andru donalds corresponde esta cancion?

  • 4lehand says:

    andru donald é o …
    andru donald é o cara!!incrivel voz, alguem consegue o acustico dele no estudio ao vivo transamerica???se tiver entre em contato abração

  • seciusilviu says:

    great job my …
    great job my friend. thx for the video.

  • sonyarisa says:

    Wow, Alex, thanks …
    Wow, Alex, thanks for this vid!!!!!!! I was just listening to this song yesterday. Unbelievable voice, penetrant performance!

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