Crooked Still – Ecstasy

0 Crooked Still   EcstasyCrooked Still performs at St. Mark for the Institute of Musical Traditions concert series in Rockville, MD, 13Nov06. Noam Pikelney fills in for regular banjoist Dr. Gregory Liszt.

Duration : 0:6:36

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  • attheshire says:


  • Angus McFungus says:

    There a great band …
    There a great band but you should check out there Myspace site where all the different musicians have there own bands on their friends list!

  • renewd says:

    this is heavenly
    this is heavenly

  • Dorain1969 says:

    The two people with …
    The two people with the dislikes need to have their heads examined. Some kick old Still right here! Superb song. Thanks for sharing.

  • YoitsTaylorGee says:

    these guys are …
    these guys are amazing

  • 88mpny says:

    The whole band is.
    The whole band is.

  • smeaglerG says:

    this cello player …
    this cello player is incredible

  • LadyMinstrelsBallad says:

    My first response …
    My first response to this video was, “WHERE IS GREG’S HAIR?!” And then I read the whatchamacallit and saw that it wasn’t him. Phew! XD
    Love Crooked Still!

  • farsajjj says:

    This is beautiful, …
    This is beautiful, and beautifully arranged/sung, played – beautifully done…I love this band, I’m so glad to have run into them…does anybody know, can anybody send me the words?

  • Gary Hultman says:

    celloist is soo …
    celloist is soo into his solo. Lovin it.

  • breachborn says:

    CROOKED STILL has my heart!
    Today I have found love. ( ;

  • carolinaswede says:

    We see them on …
    We see them on Saturday!!!!!! Cannot wait!

  • justjoshenaround says:

    Even though Blue …
    Even though Blue Grass bands typically dont have a Cello, I think that the Cello totally makes this song what it is :)

  • Max3851 says:


  • tnoelle says:

    The singer, Aoife …
    The singer, Aoife O’Donovan, is more than equal to the other musicians with her primary instrument–her voice. Her guitar playing may not be spectacular but it’s not intended to be. It’s still quite good, and a lovely backup to the song.

  • renewd says:

    This is the most …
    This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

  • musicme83 says:

    seems like a alot …
    seems like a alot of C and Amin

  • orfingirl says:

    Anyone got the …
    Anyone got the chords for this song??

  • Melissa Parnell says:

    Beautiful :)
    Beautiful :)

  • artmaniac53 says:

    Thanks steveuk17 …
    Thanks steveuk17 for share!
    Gongrats for this tnoelle!

  • steveuk17 says:

    Like floating …
    Like floating through a summer sky laying upon a cloud.

  • festivalpreview says:

    Great video…we …
    Great video…we have posted a video of them playing with the Infamous Stringdusters at the 2007 Spring Strawberry Music Festival. There’s also an interview with the singer. They’re such a great band.

  • raypays says:

    Wow – just found …
    Wow – just found these guys after hearing them online at KDNK. Ive been so bummed that the Nickel Creek run is coming to an end and now there is a new light shining in my heart with these fine musicians !

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