Ecstasy Rising Pt 1/5

0 Ecstasy Rising Pt 1/5Ecstasy Rising, ABC News television documentary with Peter Jennings on the history of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine) also known as ecstasy. It includes a short history of the drug and criticizes the negative health claims made by the U.S. government.

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  • doctor42o says:


  • cptorangutang2 says:

    sshh! let them …
    sshh! let them find the road themselves ;)

  • freedominsolitude says:


  • beniito kamelas says:

    the 2 girls are …
    the 2 girls are dumb when i do ecstasy i feel badass i feel like if i really know who i am and what i capable of doing and i feel happy

  • yespr says:

    A month ago I had ‘ …
    A month ago I had ‘green squirrels’, tested (at a local test centre in the Netherlands) at 186mg MDMA and no other crap (other than binders and such). Maybe still not as good as in the old days, I can’t complain though. :)

  • yespr says:

    What an ignorant …
    What an ignorant suckers (some of these people who were interviewed). Russian roulette, give me a break! xD Typical American bullshit to make people fear it.

  • ringdingrenno says:

    in holland
    in holland

  • Daniel Majerly says:

    probably got …
    probably got busted lol

  • HaggardFlea says:

    This guy ( 5:41 ) …
    This guy ( 5:41 ) is like the chemist in inception

  • MrRandyKomi says:

    I hope you continue …
    I hope you continue and watch the whole doc. It talks about both sides, one of the most fair/unbiased doc i’ve seen in a while.

  • Jerdun Dermon says:

    ive had both in …
    ive had both in high doses. im goin with mdma

  • Jerdun Dermon says:

    thats not the …
    thats not the drugs fault.

  • Jerdun Dermon says:


  • eglishproject says:

    I think that this …
    I think that this drug gets overlooked as a ‘bad’ or ‘hard’ drug, but like LSD and mushrooms there has been a lot of interesting scientific studies. I think once you get to learn more about it the true value can been understood. Not saying that you should take a ton all the time and from people you dont trust. But people for sure over look its value

  • webzzzter says:

    If our governments …
    If our governments actually did the right thing and controlled these substances properly ppl who still CHOSE to do it wouldn’t have most of the negatives to deal with such as meeting dodgy dealers and putting up with all the other crap fake chemists mix the drug with.therefore making it more dangerous to consume anyway,leading to more fatalities etc but it’s this excuse they use as why it is illegal.when if they were to monitor production and sell responsibly either online or through special ch

  • wm axx says:

    i agree. ive only …
    i agree. ive only done it once when i was 16 and now im 18
    never want to do it again for some reason

  • kinkbco14 says:

    the government …
    the government always seems to focus soley on the negative effects of a drug, never on the positive aspects or how they might actully help someone in the long run…smh

  • kinkbco14 says:

    i like it, but if …
    i like it, but if im gonna trip, i rather smoke some DMT, but again that is a totally different experience….

  • Angel Franco says:

    esctasy roles!! lol
    esctasy roles!! lol

  • cw ross says:

    if the government …
    if the government cant control something then its illgeal this is bullshit

  • mcainislame says:

    She was giving head …
    She was giving head to her dad. Jk but she was dead and i her mom jk but she died

  • mcainislame says:

    Man i knew this …
    Man i knew this girl who was my best friend we would hang out and chill then she started taking e and then she used it more and more. She lost like 4 teeth started prostituting so she could buy drugs then when i went to go talk to her at her apartments i saw an ambulance rush out of there i got worried her family was standing outside and i asked where is brenda. She said in a better place so i got sad and i needed to go to the bathroom so i asked her if i could go so i went and brenda was ther

  • Lance West says:

    It definitely opens …
    It definitely opens doors in your mind, very expanding and beautiful, to experience true, pure happiness.. it changed my life. 3 years on its unforgettable, ive taken very small doses since but im saving myself for a proper hit with someone if i ever find some who already loves me and who i love..

  • Alpha Male says:

    With you talent it …
    With you talent it is just a matter of time…

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